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Workshops take place Sunday - Wednesday of ELF. Please register for the Workshops you would like to attend by following the instructions below: 


Sunday, 26 May - 14:45 CEST

This workshop will teach principles and models for relevantly sharing Jesus and making disciples among young people who would not usually walk into your church. How can we communicate the Gospel to them when they have such a negative view of God? When you have the boldness to… Read more
How should Christians approach imprecatory psalms? For many readers today, these psalms that call down evil against enemies come off as self-righteous and obsessed with vengeance and hatred toward others. How do they fit with Jesus' teaching to love our enemies and His… Read more
In this session, we will examine key components that must be in place for church health and revitalization. Whether your church is a new church plant, small, struggling, plateaued, declining, or even somewhat healthy, we'll look at practical biblical principles that can… Read more
Many Christians are aware of how their lives should change in the light of the Gospel, but they often just don't do it. How can we help others take the call to be disciples seriously? How can we help them take practical steps to change their spiritual life or personal… Read more
Welcome Newcomers! We invite you to this workshop for any Newcomers to the Forum, where you can learn how to make the most of the Forum and make connections with other new participants. We hope to see you there!
Strategic development involves discovering, planning, and implementing a coherent set of practices that will help grow an organisation most effectively. Topics in this session will include how to analyse external opportunities, identify threats to success, how to develop… Read more
The Bible is full of knowledge about both discipleship and finances. In this workshop, we will combine the Bible's wisdom about these two important topics. The goal is to grow in following Jesus in every area of our lives, including with our finances. We will answer the… Read more
Leadership is demanding. It requires us to develop a philosophy of ministry, a culture, a ‘way of life'. It is not primarily a set of skills but a set of values that frame the functioning of our gifts and callings. How do we lead both ourselves and others well and… Read more
Bitcoin—is it a hoax, magic internet money, an investment, or an innovation with the transformative power of the printing press? Come learn about Bitcoin: what it has done and might do; and what it can and can't do. Reflect with us on this disruptive technology in the light… Read more
When Christians read the Qur’an, they will notice how different it is from the Bible. The god it speaks about, the prophet it proclaims, and the way of life it encourages stand at odds with the core tenets of the Christian faith. It is in these differences that we can ask many… Read more
In a cultural context that couldn't care less about what Christianity says about marriage, how can we, as followers of Christ, make a loving case for biblical marriage? How should we respond to personal challenges that ask: “What would you say if your own child came to you… Read more
The Gospel invites us to lovingly and trustingly look to Jesus for the life that we need and can never find apart from him.  But we will find that the eyes of our hearts will tend to drift dangerously away from Jesus.  In this workshop, we will think about the wonder of looking… Read more
Each person’s worldview is a hidden network of beliefs that drives their lives. Understanding this is a key to decrypting every human being's perspective towards the world. In this session, we will discuss how to use a specific ‘listening’ process for discovering worldview… Read more
About 1 in 6 people seek help from a doctor about their anxiety – 1 in 3 people talk about feeling anxious day by day. In our churches and our communities, there will be many wrestling with the physical, spiritual, and social outworking of its pain. As Christians, we long to… Read more
Churches in China have experienced a recent wave of persecution with churches banned, pastors arrested, and church members detained and harassed. COVID has also drastically forced the church back to the homes. In the midst of these challenges, a movement of God has been quietly… Read more

Sunday, 26 May - 16:15 CEST

Leaders across Europe are experiencing a new phenomena—people do not want to experience leadership as being done “to” them, but rather, “alongside” them. Leadership should not only further the organisations goals, but also seek to include and develop the people being led. The… Read more
Our life experience inevitably includes deep loss and suffering. Christ offers us the gift of lamentation in order to help us through such times as these. This talk explores what lamentation is and how it is meant to function in our experience of grief.
The Body of Christ is not complete without people with disabilities and their families. Using the mission and work of Jill's House (an organisation that loves and serves families raising kids, adolescents, and young adults with intellectual disabilities) as a starting point… Read more
In our globalized world, we are increasingly rubbing shoulders with people from other cultures, ethnicities, and countries. Many business and ministry leaders used to take months to learn the culture of a country in order to engage effectively. Does working with others who have… Read more
What does it mean to die to self? In John 12, Jesus is trying to help His disciples understand that He would be voluntarily going to the cross. It was completely incomprehensible to them. Why would anyone, much less God incarnate, make the determined choice to suffer death by… Read more
This workshop will cover the scientific concepts underpinning artificial intelligence and recent innovations that have enabled entirely new capabilities. We will include examples of exciting applications and discuss the limitations and potential misuse of AI. A key objective is… Read more
The influence of Thomas Aquinas on Western theology is beyond dispute—yet his is a contested legacy. In current evangelical studies, there is an emerging infatuation with Thomas. Questions that need to be asked include: Is the thought of Thomas and Thomism(s) the same? What… Read more
We all have priorities. We know what are our most important tasks and projects. But still, how can we actually spend our time in the best way possible, with all the distractions, requests, and unexpected things we face daily? In this workshop with Andrea Aresca, you will see… Read more
The Majority World’s churches and missions are showing rapid growth and change. Korean missions, which sent 30,000 missionaries, are changing their mission direction from the Christendom model (Western) to the Poly-centric model, following the Majority World. In light of this… Read more
Many Christians are very eager to share the good news and quote bible passages but then feel frustrated when the messages seem to fall flat. One reason might often be that we are using the gospel like an advertising flyer instead of an individual letter that should speak to a… Read more
Today, we live in a pornified culture. Thanks to the normalization of pornography and easy accessibility through the internet, the number of people addicted to pornography is rapidly rising—and the church is not immune to this trend. In this workshop, we will start talking about… Read more
All too often, health/success is defined by using numbers in our local churches. Is that really how our Heavenly Father measures a church’s health? What does a healthy local church look like? How can its leadership move towards improving the health of the church they lead?… Read more
After a year of interviews with Bedouin shepherds and a comprehensive study of ancient Near Eastern pastoralists, Tim has been writing and teaching about the calling God has for all Christian leaders. He will highlight the context of the Bible's primary image for leaders by… Read more
If we look carefully, we will find echoes of the Gospel embedded in many of the great stories and films of our culture. From Marvel’s Endgame, Disney’s Frozen, Pixar’s Toy Story, and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the Gospel is woven into the fabric of these compelling… Read more
Music and the arts have the potential to play a pivotal role in advancing the mission and significance of the gospel in today’s society. This session will shine a light on the ways in which music and the arts act as a vibrant channel for spiritual development and expression,… Read more

Monday, 27 May - 13:30 CEST

The Open Art Studio is an opportunity for participants interested in art and creativity to gather together for a relaxing time of painting, drawing, music, reflection, and interaction.

Monday, 27 May - 16:15 CEST

Paul encouraged the young Timothy by saying, "if a man seeketh the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work" (1 Tim. 3:1). However, good work does not mean easy work. There are some shadows in the work of ministry (e.g., power, loneliness, conflict, results, and… Read more
It becomes increasingly problematic in Western society to simply open up the Bible and teach the Gospel from its pages. The attitude towards Scripture, and even towards any authoritative text, is changing for a variety of reasons. In this session, we will begin to analyse what… Read more
There is a huge push for abortion at the European level – often in the name of love, dignity, freedom, and empowerment. Christians cannot turn a blind eye to this situation. How do we make a difference? What does it mean to care for the most vulnerable in a society where the… Read more
The shape of our society tomorrow will depend, to a large extent, on how we relate to and care for our young people today. So, what do young people really need? How can we ensure that our youth ministries are caring for the whole person? What mistakes are frequently made? This… Read more
An understanding of God’s grace is vital if we are to fully enjoy the freedom we have found through our relationship with Jesus Christ. Sadly, many Christians are more aware of a sense of failure and condemnation than of reigning and rejoicing. The people of God must be restored… Read more
Leadership transitions are crucial points of vulnerability in every organization, including ministries and churches. Come learn the foundational principles and strategies for successful transitions, so the Gospel continues to advance for generations to come. In this talk, our… Read more
Jesus spent his time with the people who knew they were sinners. It was his mission to seek and save the lost and to love those far from God. Jesus was different from the religious people of his day. Should not his followers and their gatherings be different in the same way… Read more
The message of the Gospel is the same, but the environment has changed, allowing new delivery methods. The world has moved from analog to digital, from offline to online, from local to global. Drawing from the speaker's experience as co-host of an award-winning podcast and… Read more
Over the years of ministry, we have all witnessed strong leaders whose souls have gone untended. Anxiety, burnout, depression, and anger are some of the symptoms of a neglected soul. How can we help a hurting soul? What are some of the practical steps to help our streams of life… Read more
While previous generations may have been impressed by a powerful speaking voice and pulpit presence, we now need to communicate with evident authenticity. In a world where media communicators can control and manipulate what their viewers see about "who they really are,… Read more
In this session, we will examine the key elements and proven methods to raise funds and build lasting donor relationships. We will discuss strategies, tactics, and practical tools to achieve your resourcing objectives. Whether you are part of a limited staff with no fundraising… Read more
Francis Schaeffer was one of the most influential Christian thinkers of the 20th century. Despite having no academic position nor any organizational or institutional platform he became a key evangelical leader and made a lasting impact on tens of thousands of people. What are… Read more
The capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to accelerate, seemingly at an alarming rate, in both efficiency and ability to mimic qualities and behaviours that were previously considered to be uniquely human. How do we navigate such developments? Is there anything… Read more
Europe was founded on Christianity. Still, our continent is now permeated with secular individualism, sometimes in strong opposition to a biblical worldview. How did this come to be? And how can the church respond in order to flourish in a hostile environment?
How to lead in ministry and meet the needs of others is often a clearer and less exhausting path than being a good spouse and parent. Why can it be so much easier to be the person your ministry expects you to be than the one your spouse expects you to be? Gospel transformation… Read more
When Muslims become Christians, they risk their lives and the lives of their families. They and their families suffer terrible persecution. Why do some of them take this risk? This workshop will examine questionnaire-based research results from almost 1,600 believers from Muslim… Read more

Tuesday, 28 May - 14:45 CEST

Today, people in the West are enduring all kinds of suffering – despair, loneliness, sickness, fear, anger, doubt, war, poverty, injustice, loss. But how can we confidently walk alongside and care well for those God has placed in our lives? This workshop will help develop a… Read more
This session will engage common arguments sceptics use to discredit the Gospels. Why is John’s Gospel so different from Matthew, Mark, and Luke? What should we make of differences in parallel Gospel accounts that sceptics use to try and undercut the credibility of the Gospels?… Read more
A compassionate and clear presentation of the Gospel message will always bring about three results. Some people will be drawn to God, others will be driven away, and some will rise up and oppose the Good News. We proclaim the message of salvation with love and compassion, but… Read more
Have you ever talked to a young person and tried to figure out how to answer many of their questions? What is my purpose? Which school should I attend? I know I should read the Bible, but I don’t want to - what should I do? As leaders, when confronted with questions like these,… Read more
Many of us, evangelicals, received help from Lesslie Newbigin in our wrestling with the epistemological challenges of postmodernism. But his views tend to remain unchallenged when they unhelpfully deviate from some evangelical convictions on the authority of the Scriptures. In… Read more
In this workshop, we will reflect on a 21st-century Irish story as a model of hope and a challenge for church growth in Europe today. After 40 years as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in various settings and serving the denomination in Central Europe with… Read more
During a lifetime of leadership we will each encounter a few especially complex challenges, and our formal leadership training (if we’ve had any) will probably not have equipped us for these. What makes some situations inherently complex? How do we make sense of what’s happening… Read more
According to Matthew 18, unforgiveness puts us in prison and deeply impacts our relationship with God. But how can we know if we have really forgiven or not? What if the other person does not acknowledge what they have done or ask for forgiveness? Is forgiveness always possible… Read more
Spurgeon borrowed the following words to describe the relationship between Christ and Scripture: "From every text in Scripture, there is a road to the metropolis of the Scriptures, that is Christ... I have never yet found a text that had not got a road to Christ in it.… Read more
Ministry is 80% invisible. Who you are in Christ is more important than anything you do. Then your preparation and planning will determine the effectiveness of the 20% that everyone sees. Most of us in ministry will sacrifice our own health and growth in Christ for the sake of… Read more
So much of what we have been told concerning how Islam actually began is proving, through historical research, to be false. This session will introduce some of the newest and most exciting research on one of Islam's greatest weaknesses, an 'Achilles Heel' which… Read more
A growing number of once-committed Christians are questioning their faith, leaving the church, and even identifying themselves as “exvangelical.” Why are they walking away and what can we do about it? This session unpacks the faith deconstruction movement, provides a biblical… Read more
Technology has enhanced our lives wonderfully but can become a barrier to connection with Christ. This has never been truer than since the advent of smartphones. We can retreat into our phones from our immediate surroundings and companions. This virtual ‘home’ promises safety… Read more
In Ephesians, the Apostle Paul commands us to "speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs." But what does that mean exactly, and why is it important? What is the role of the worship leader, and how should music look in our church services? In this… Read more

Tuesday, 28 May - 16:15 CEST

The intellectual critique from the Enlightenment is still around, but in recent decades it has been superseded by aggressive moral critique of the Christian faith. In a dramatic cultural reversal, the accusation against Christianity is now that it is immoral, hurtful, and… Read more
There is no better training manual for Christian leaders than the Bible itself, abounding with good and bad leadership models that are relevant, dynamic and practical. Using biblical leadership principles and examples illustrated by (sometimes painful) lessons from my own… Read more
This talk explores arguments which can be put forward for the historical reliability of the Old Testament, in particular by seeking to remember what was not externally confirmed before archaeology began and what has subsequently been externally confirmed, and considering what… Read more
Church planting and multiplication remains an essential part of the church’s task, yet there is often a lack of biblically-grounded strategies for passionate church planting and multiplication. Join us as we take a theologically sound look at missiologically informed church… Read more
Why is it that so many women are believers but not disciples? How can we faithfully call women to true discipleship? In this session, we will discuss the current landscape of women’s discipleship, be reminded of why discipleship is so important, and gain practical resources in… Read more
Many people today are asking how the church should adapt to the digital age. There are discussions about the church in the metaverse, the use of big data in the church environment, digital evangelism, or the use of AI in the Christian music industry. In fact, a large number of… Read more
Funding from foundations is a key part of many nonprofit organisations’ annual fundraising goals. There are many generous Christian individuals and organisations that are eager to support the Lord’s work in Europe and around the world. But interacting with foundations can be… Read more
I do not have the gift of Evangelism, but I hold the evangelistic mission of the Church as a high value, and I’ve led thousands to Christ. I have learned effective ways of sharing Christ with others through my mistakes and successes. This workshop grows out of practices learned… Read more
What is the relationship between intelligence and the material world? In confirmation of John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word,” there is a top-down flow of control such that the thermodynamics of DNA is essentially governed by software in a similar way to how man-made… Read more
Last year a staggering number of 1.14 million refugees applied for asylum in Europe. It was an increase of 18% compared to 2022 and as such the number was very close to the level during the so-called refugee crises in 2015-16. In spite of all the implied challenges of this… Read more
Why is work so frustrating at times? Why do some people love their work and others hate it? In this workshop, we will seek to recapture a biblical approach to work that addresses our universal search for calling, purpose, identity, and legacy.
A key criticism of Christianity today concerns the problematic history of the Church, whether the “Christian jihad” of Charlemagne or the recent child sexual abuse scandals and cover-ups. Avoiding both the whitewashing of history and acquiescing to the mantra that “religion does… Read more
This workshop will practise the art of ‘double-listening’ as we relate the Bible to the world around us. We will examine the strange new world of gender fluidity, gender self-identification and gender transition from a cultural and medical perspective, attend to the experience… Read more
Adolescent brain development is highly sensitive to particular inputs, including social media. Research has shown a decline in adolescent mental health since 2012, the same year that key changes occurred with the large social media platforms. This session will look at the… Read more
There are millions of refugees and displaced people worldwide due to violence, conflict and disasters. How can we as Christians share the love of Christ with people who have suffered such significant losses? What do we need to know and what best practices should we implement as… Read more
The demands of Christian leadership arise every day of the week and any time of day. This reality, alongside the importance of the work, creates a perfect environment for workaholism, burnout, and ultimately divorce for Christian leaders. In this session, our speaker will share… Read more

Wednesday, 29 May - 16:15 CEST

Ambition is a puzzle. Someone says, “A man without ambition is like a bird without wings” (Walter H. Cottingham). That’s it – we need ambition to bring change and get things done! Then another voice says, "When ambition ends, happiness begins” (Thomas Merton). Maybe… Read more
What makes Gen Z “tick” and why are they so different? In this session, we will discuss how the post-modern generation perceives truth and the effect this has on their view of morality, justice, power, and transcendence. Furthermore, we will explore how we can build bridges to… Read more
It is an amazing fact the the small group of Jesus-Followers in Judaea and Galilee who had „been with Jesus“ initiated a movement that, in the course of the next 200-300 years, reached and transformed not only the Roman empire, but also other regions and countries like Armenia,… Read more
Evangelism may make us feel instantly inadequate, incompetent, even like we are impostors! It is true that we all need to grow our skills in apologetics and sharpen our own voice, yet we must not forget that the sheep of Jesus will listen to His own voice (John 10:27). At… Read more
Let's face it: ministry can be hazardous to your family and to your health. Burnout, exhaustion, disappointment, and unmet expectations are real dangers that can rob you of joy and even end your ministry. Is it possible to survive the stress of ministry and even to thrive… Read more
Jesus taught His disciples to pray. This would indicate that prayer, at least in part, is a learned discipline. To the degree that any human is engaged with God, every feature of our soul is at play: the mind, the emotion, and the will. Prayer allows a believer to reach into the… Read more
What can we learn from some of Europe's leading apologists like John Stott, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Francis Schaeffer, Jurgen Spiess, Michael Green, and John Lennox? In this session, Lindsay Brown will reflect on years of partnership with these leading apologists. He will share… Read more
The health of a ministry’s board is one of the most important parts of Christian ministry yet it is the aspect of leadership that is rarely discussed. A healthy board can help ensure a ministry flourishes and is sustained and can protect the leadership in a time of crisis. The… Read more
Though Christians acknowledge Jesus as God, and therefore omniscient, we often underestimate the intellectual depth of his teaching. This session looks at how his teaching frequently involves surprising richness of reference to the Old Testament, and has a depth which is not… Read more
This workshop will explore how the ‘strange new world’ of gender raises some profound questions (what does it mean to be human?) and some wide-ranging questions (how Christians live as faithful disciples, good neighbours, and godly citizens in a culture which promotes trans… Read more
The book of Revelation depicts a compelling picture of God’s sovereign rule over heaven and earth. The author paints pictures with words, using symbols and images to carry and embody God’s message to suffering churches under Rome’s thumb. Yet John’s artistic style can feel… Read more
The Bible teaches us that spiritual gifts are more than just personality traits or natural talent. When we trust Christ, every believer is empowered by the Spirit in unique ways to serve the body of Christ as a channel of God’s power and grace. How can you know what spiritual… Read more
The Apostle Peter calls us “to grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.” We are always learning as the Holy Spirit works in our lives refining us. Our journey with God and in leadership is one of rich experiences, challenges, and snares. Looking back on 17 years… Read more
In this workshop, we will hear about how Christians in Ukraine view the war as well as some of the creative ways they have responded to the challenge. Following this, there will be an opportunity for people engaged in Ukrainian refugee relief and ministry in Ukraine to share… Read more
Two-thirds of young people in our churches drop out between the ages of 14-29. The departure of young people from churches is happening all across Europe. Why? How can we understand their reasons for leaving the church? And how can we lovingly and strategically respond? In this… Read more