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Welcome to the European Leadership Forum

The mission of the European Leadership Forum (Forum) is to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe. Our goal is that the leaders would be able to:

2021 European Leadership Forum

Important COVID-19 Update: 2021 European Leadership Forum

After prayer and many conversations, we have decided that we cannot hold an in-person European Leadership Forum (ELF) in Poland in May, 2021. COVID cases in Europe are surging again, many countries are locking back down and restricting travel, and there likely won’t be a widely available vaccine before mid-year 2021.  The ELF Steering Committee recently met and unanimously affirmed this decision.   We will instead hold the 2021 ELF conference online. Our heart is to serve you in person, and we plan to do that again as soon as it is safely possible. To learn how you can participate in the 2021 ELF, click "Read More" below! 

Featured Forum Speaker: Dave Patty

Dave Patty has been involved in training youth leaders and leading national and international youth movements in Europe for over 30 years and serves as the president of...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Peter Mead

Peter Mead is the director of Cor Deo, a ministry training programme in Chippenham, England. He is also part of...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Peter J Williams

Peter J. Williams is the Principal and CEO of Tyndale House, Cambridge. He was educated at Cambridge University, where he received his MA, MPhil, and PhD in the study of ancient...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Leonardo De Chirico

Leonardo De Chirico is the pastor of Breccia di Roma, a church that he helped plant in Rome in 2009, and Vice Chairman of the Italian Evangelical Alliance. Previously, Leonardo planted and pastored an evangelical church in Ferrara, Italy, from 1997...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves is President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology in Oxford, England. Previously he has been Head of Theology for UCCF and an associate minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. He is the author of Introducing Major Theologians...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Diane Langberg

Diane Langberg is a practicing psychologist whose clinical...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Nola Leach

Nola Leach is a co-leader of the European Politics and Society Network and serves as the Chief Executive of CARE (Christian Action Research & Education), one of Europe’...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Dirk Jongkind

Dirk Jongkind is a Dutch biblical scholar who finished his PhD at Cambridge University. His main scholarly interest is in the Greek text of the Bible and the Graeco-Roman backdrop of Acts and the letters. Currently, he is the Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language at...

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Featured Forum Speaker: Stefan Gustavsson

Stefan Gustavsson is a member of the European Leadership Forum Steering Committee. He is the...

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