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About Us

Forum Plenary 1Our Mission

The mission of the European Leadership Forum is to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to renew the biblical church and evangelise Europe. Our goal is that the leaders would be able to:

  • Present the gospel confidently, lovingly, and persuasively
  • Share and implement the best strategies for reaching their own countries for Christ
  • Develop their gifts and abilities in their unique vocations and callings
  • Mentor the next generation of evangelical leaders
  • Lead their churches or other organisations faithfully and with godly wisdom
  • Plant new churches and renew local churches

This happens first at our annual meeting (also called 'the Forum’). Here, Forum leaders teach, train, and encourage participants as everyone seeks to identify common needs and then resources to meet them.  Attendees find mentors and build friendships that will allow for collaboration over the coming years.

Specialised Training

We recognise that leaders face unusual challenges due to their vocations and environments, so we have divided the Forum into learning cohorts called Networks, each designed to deal with the unique needs of a specific group of people. Designed to be learning communities of like-minded peers, Networks provide access to specialised training, best practices, and mentoring both at our annual meeting and throughout the year.

More than a Conference

While the Forum does host an annual meeting, the Forum is so much more than a conference. Not only do we facilitate a variety of other initiatives throughout the year, but Forum attendees also are expected to use the resources and partnerships they have gained at the annual meeting to impact their local contexts. Each year, an estimated 800 events, strategies, and partnerships are organised by Forum attendees in their home countries as a result of the annual meeting. These include four National Forums, which mimic the Forum structure but go one step further by providing contextualised training in national languages.

Reaching Beyond Europe

As we have grown, we have encountered leaders from all over the world who have expressed a desire to access what the Forum has to offer. While our main focus is still Europe, in 2010 we launched Forum of Christian Leaders Online (FOCL Online), to provide evangelical leaders across the globe with the same training and encouragement that the Forum gives to Europe’s evangelical leaders.