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2024 European Leadership Forum

Hotel Wisla

When and Where is the 2024 ELF?

25 - 30 May at Hotel Golebiewski in Wisła, Poland

Who Can Attend the 2024 ELF?

This invitation-only congress is aimed at spiritually mature Evangelical leaders. The European Leadership Forum is designed for you if you are:

An Evangelical Christian - ELF is not associated with any particular denomination or church but rather seeks to unite committed believers from a variety of Evangelical Denominations who hold to the essentials laid out in the Lausanne Covenant and the Evangelical Affirmations.

In a leadership role - ELF attendees should be in roles of leadership in either a church, a Christian organisation, or society. Such roles include, but are not limited to: pastors, church planters, university professors, journalists, scientists, artists, psychologists, and medical doctors.

Qualified for the Network to which you are applying - ELF is dedicated to training and relationship building. Our programme consists of multiple learning communities called Networks, which meet each morning and are designed for specific groups of Christian leaders with particular needs. When applying to attend ELF, you must also apply to one Network that fits your gifts, ministry focus, and background. Learn more.

Fluent in English - As ELF’s annual meeting is conducted entirely in English, an advanced level of English proficiency is required.

How Much Does the 2024 ELF Cost?

“What is God calling you to do? How can we help?” For over two decades we’ve been asking Europe’s Evangelical leaders these questions because we believe helping national leaders is the most effective way to support Gospel work. National leaders know the language and culture; they are able to communicate the Gospel and lead more fruitfully.


Our goal, therefore, is to serve as many national leaders as possible–and to do so in the most financially leveraged way. Did you know, for instance, that for every dollar donated to ELF, the equivalent of five dollars is given in time and resources by others (churches, organisations, foundations, speakers, mentors, volunteers, etc.)?


This is not to say that running ELF is inexpensive. ELF requires substantial funding for staff, equipment, room rentals, and other administrative costs that are essential to the success of both the annual meeting and the work outside of it.


The challenge of funding ELF has only increased over the past two years. We, like you, are facing rising inflation caused by a global pandemic and a full-scale land war in Ukraine. Our hotel costs alone have increased by more than 50 percent. We’re forced to find a new way forward.


We could raise registration rates. However, we neither want to burden those we serve nor create a financial barrier to participating in ELF. The reality, too, is the cost of running ELF has always greatly exceeded registration revenue. Raising rates simply isn’t a solution.


We’re therefore turning to a proven strategy: scholarships. For the past 20 years, we’ve offered scholarships to Central and Eastern Europeans–charging them reduced rates and raising donations to cover the difference between registration revenue and the true cost per participant. This year, for the first time ever, we’ll be doing the same for Western Europeans.


Our prayer is that this strategy will bless all who are involved. That you, the participants, can attend ELF at a more affordable rate. That donors can find a meaningful way to partner for the Gospel. And that we can continue to ask, “What is God calling you to do? How can we help?”  


2024 Rates

There will be three different rates for this year’s Forum. All three include:

A double room* for five nights (Sat, 25 May - Thur, 30 May)

All meals and coffee breaks during ELF

Entry into your Network and open sessions

All digital and paper materials for ELF

* Single rooms are available for an additional fee to those who pay the General Rate (see below).


Please choose the rate that best suits your needs to learn more about it:

Western European Scholarship Rate

Central, Eastern, Southern European Scholarship Rate

General (non-European) Rate