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Western European Scholarship Rates

Participants from Western Europe are eligible for a scholarship rate discount to attend this year's Forum. Rates are as follows:

Fee Register By Pay By
225 EUR Fri, 22 Sept Within two weeks of acceptance; final payment deadline will be Fri, 6 Oct
325 EUR Wed, 31 Jan Within two weeks of acceptance; final payment deadline will be Wed, 14 Feb
375 EUR Fri, 15 Mar Within two weeks of acceptance; final payment deadline will be Fri, 29 Mar

We encourage those who qualify for scholarships to apply as soon as possible, especially those in need of visas to enter Poland.


Please note that while you would not be eligible for a scholarship after 15 March, you are still welcome to apply to this year’s ELF. If accepted, you would be required to pay the General Rate.

Scholarship Rate Conditions

If you apply for a scholarship, you will be asked to agree to the following conditions, which are designed to help us raise scholarship funding while providing it to as many leaders as possible.  


A profile. This profile will contain information about your ministry and faith background. Before ELF, we will share this profile with potential donors on a website and/or as a PDF. Please note that you will be asked some additional questions on the ELF application to provide information for this profile.

A thank you letter. This letter, which you will write at ELF, will be sent to the donor who provided your scholarship.

Network choice. Some ELF Networks raise funding for scholarships for participants attending those specific Networks. Because of this, some Networks may have more scholarship funding than others. It may be necessary for a participant to switch to a different Network at a later date in order to receive a scholarship, though this is very unlikely (we did not ask anyone to switch Networks in 2023).

Spouse participation. Due to limited scholarship funding, if both you and your spouse want to attend ELF, you would both need to register at the General Rate (as has been our practice for over 20 years). 

Additional contribution. Because we want to offer our limited scholarship funds to as many people as possible, we would ask that you please contribute above and beyond the scholarship rate as you are able. The listed scholarship fees are the minimum amounts that you will be asked to pay.

Please note that scholarship funding is limited and therefore not guaranteed to all who apply. You will be notified in late March as to whether or not you have received a scholarship. 


If you are unable to meet these conditions or if you would like a single room, the General Rates would apply to you.


Extra Nights Add-Ons
We encourage you to arrive a day early to ELF to participate in one of the Pre-Forum Conferences, which begin on Friday, 24 May. The cost for the extra night on Friday, 24 May is 60 EUR for scholarship recipients. This includes both lodging and meals, starting with dinner on Friday.

***Refund Policy***
Please note that we will only offer a refund in the event that we are not able to raise a scholarship for you.