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Only 1 or 2% of Europeans know Jesus Christ as their personal savior and most have never heard the Gospel. In the midst of this context, evangelical leaders lack training, resources, relationships with other believers, and often hope.

The European Leadership Forum exists to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders to evangelize Europe and renew the Biblical church. Our mission is about reclaiming Europe and the world for Christ through exponential reach, one leader at a time. As a result of the Forum, thousands of leaders have been released for effective ministry in Europe, armed with biblical teaching, renewed vision, and personal relationships.

Partner with us to ensure no leader remains isolated and discouraged as they seek to fulfill their calling from God. Your gift will be directly invested leaders so they can proclaim the Gospel in their home countries more effectively.

Supporting Global Leaders – The Forum also invites key Gospel leaders from developing nations to experience the Forum’s Annual Meeting and Year-Round Mentoring programs.  Our vision is to share the lessons of the Form with significant global leaders so they can replicate the Forum model and unite, equip and resource Evangelical in their home countries

Why Sponsor a Leader?

The average salary for evangelical leaders in the critical regions of Eastern Europe is less than 500 Euros (around $550) a month. Leaders from these regions cannot afford the cost of registering in the European Leadership Forum. They need to be sponsored. The yearly cost to sponsor a gifted, motivated Gospel leader is $975 or $80 a month for 12 months. Your gift covers the cost of one leader’s registration fees to ELF, access to local Forum speakers, mentoring, webinars, and specialized initiatives, as well as a portion of the overall Forum expenses.

The Forum has been the wind beneath my wings for the past five years. It became an answer to prayer that I didn’t know how to pray…we get further education and get connected with people that love God who are professionals in their field. The support and encouragement that I have received is amazing.”

Jelena Sivulka, Serbia (Founder of Hana’s Hope — A ministry for special needs children)

Impact Europe for Christ Today

We estimate that 100 Europeans are reached with the good news of Jesus Christ for every one leader supported. Evangelical leaders from across Europe need relationships, mentoring, and resources. Support a hand-picked Gospel leader to be equipped and resourced with a one-time gift of $975 or $80/month. Any gift below $975 will be combined with other gifts from Forum partners like you to provide full sponsorships for leaders not yet supported.


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