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Colin Peckham

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  • Scotland

Colin Peckham is the ministry director for Origin Scotland, an event-based arts ministry in Edinburgh, Scotland. He chairs the executive committee that organises the event programme - up to around 30-40 events per year in the UK. They have a ministry in South Africa as well in which he is also involved. He serves as an artistic director for the ministry and is responsible for everything that happens on the stage and artistically around the event. This has included speakers, music programmes, and art exhibitions as part of a broader outreach. The events he has managed have ranged in scale from just a few people up to some 6,000 at a time. These events take place in venues such as churches, concert halls (Usher Hall, Playhouse Theatre, Festival Theatre, Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow), a ship (Logos Hope), and additional outdoor and indoor venues in both Scotland and South Africa.