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Kristi Mair

Kristi Mair
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  • England
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Research Fellow and Lecturer
Oak Hill College

Kristi Mair teaches philosophy, ethics, and apologetics at Oak Hill College in London, UK, where she also provides pastoral support for female students. She holds a degree in philosophy and theology, as well as an MA in philosophy of religion and ethics. She is currently working on her PhD in the area of epistemology in philosophical theology, with a particular focus on Michael Polanyi, Esther Meek, and Augustine. Kristi worked for 8 years with a campus-based ministry in the UK (UCCF), and she continues to speak regularly at mission weeks and events across Europe. Kristi has a heart for engaging people with the message of Jesus, developing a Christian mind, and raising the next generation of apologists to live out our calling as disciples to love God and our neighbour. Kristi is the author of MORE > Truth (IVP, 2019), Co-editor of Healthy Faith (IVP, 2020), a board member and speaker for Chrysolis, and an itinerant SOLAS Associate Speaker.


Title Date Type
Understanding and Responding to Deconstruction and Exvangelicals - Workshop
Communicating Truth in a Non-Truth Culture - 2023 Academic Network
Communicating Truth in a Non-Truth Culture - 2023 Apologetics (Foundational) Network
Communicating Truth in a Non-Truth Culture - Workshop