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Christopher Townsend

Christopher Townsend
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  • England
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Chair of Editorial Group
Cambridge Papers

Christopher Townsend is a retired lawyer. On retirement, he completed an MPhil in New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Cambridge. He chairs the editorial group of Cambridge Papers, a quarterly publication with the strapline ‘Towards a Biblical Mind’, which aims to help Christians engage with a complex and changing world ( He wrote ‘Gender: Where Next? Personal journeys, radical agendas and perplexing dilemmas’ (Cambridge Paper: December 2016). He is a trustee of The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. He is married to Kate and they have three adult children.

Upcoming Sessions

Title Date Type
The Strange New World of Gender in the 21st Century: How Should We Respond as Christians? - Pre-Forum Seminar
Gender Dysphoria: How Can We Guide Children and Young People? - Workshop