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Jay Smith

Jay Smith
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  • United States
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Professor of Islamic Apologetics and Polemics
Veritas Seminary

Jay Smith, the son of missionaries who were in India until their deaths, has been working with Muslims for over 40 years while serving with his wife, Judith, and until recently, spending 25 of those years in London, England. Jay currently spends most of his time travelling to numerous countries to research, write, and teach Christian/Muslim Apologetics and Polemics, much of which he learned from 25 years of weekly forays to the world-famous Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London. He has been invited to many university campuses to teach classes, participate in panels, help numerous Christian Unions with training, and has also participated in over 100 formal debates with Muslim polemicists. Smith is the director of the Master of Arts in Apologetics and Polemics to Islam at the Veritas International University in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jay uploads videos of his decades of research onto his “Pfanderfilms” YouTube site, which currently has over 100,000 subscribers, while over 17 million people have watched these videos. 


Title Date Type
Uncovering the Truth Behind Islam (Part 1) - Pre-Forum Conference
Uncovering the Truth Behind Islam (Part 2) - Pre-Forum Conference
The Truth Behind the Qur’an’s Origins - Pre-Forum Seminar
The Truth About Islam’s Origins - Workshop