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Ania Greenwood

Ania Greenwood
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  • Poland
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Steiger Poland Leader

Ania Greenwood has been a creative evangelist and Steiger missionary since 2006. Steiger is a rapidly growing, worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. Ania has served in Eng­land and Brazil, and for the last 6 years, she has been work­ing in Poland. To­geth­er with her hus­band, Luke, and their two chil­dren, Daniel and Sara, she has been liv­ing in Wrocław where she supports relevant and creative evangelism throughout Poland, as well as in Europe. She is creating and developing evangelistic projects, collaborating with the arts ("Revolutionary Art") and the special show "I Am", mixing various art forms to share the truth about Jesus. Ania actively seeks to inspire others, bring passion, and mobilise a new generation to spread the Good News. She leads development of the Steiger mission in Poland and is part of the leadership of Steiger Europe. With her gift of networking, she started a national evangelistic project, “Who Am I.” She strongly believes in partnering with other mission organisations, local churches, and Christian NGOs reaching Gen Z all over Poland and starting new discipleship platforms that create healthy and safe communities online and in person.


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Communicating the Gospel with Boldness and Relevance - Workshop