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Jay Mosser

Jay Mosser
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  • United States
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Senior Pastor
Sunset Bible Church

Jay Mosser has served in pastoral roles for 40 years – about 20 years in various assistant pastor capacities and the rest as senior pastor. Through those years he has served in three churches ranging from smaller (less than 50) to larger (about 1,000). Along the way he has worked with children, teens, worship ministry, pastoral care, preaching, and leadership. Jay has an M.Div. from Western (Conservative Baptist) Seminary and a D.Min. from Corban University in Oregon, where his doctoral thesis was titled “How a Pastor’s Theology of Shepherding Affects the Health & Growth of a Church.” He is married to Kathy and has three daughters and four grandchildren. In his spare time, he loves to read, hike, travel, watch sports, and spend time with his family.

Upcoming Sessions

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The Importance of Joyful Unity - 2022 Church Revitalisation Network
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