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Only 1 or 2% of Europeans know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and most have never heard the Gospel. In the midst of this context, evangelical leaders lack training, resources, and relationships with other believers. They lack hope.

The Forum’s Year-Round Mentoring Initiative (YRM) seeks to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders throughout the year. We provide ongoing leadership development with a relational focus to help them become Christlike individuals, who are effective in their ministries.

Gospel leaders reach their full potential with consistent and intentional Year-Round Mentoring. Partner with us to ensure no leader remains isolated and discouraged. Your gift will be directly invested in leaders so they can fulfill their God-given calling and effectively proclaim the Gospel in their home countries.

Supporting Global Leaders – The Forum also invites key Gospel leaders from developing nations to experience the Forum’s Annual Meeting and Year-Round Mentoring programs. Our vision is to share the lessons of the Forum with significant global leaders so they can replicate the Forum model and unite, equip, and resource Evangelicals in their home countries. With a generous donation, you can help a global leader participate in and expand the reach of the Forum movement.

What is Year-Round Mentoring?

Leaders with similar ministries gather in small groups of 10-15 to learn from one another and be mentored. Each YRM participant receives intensive year-round support and training through the following strategies:

  1. Small group and one-on-one mentoring at the Forum’s Annual Meeting (May)
  2. In-depth personal study through interactive webinars, engaging reading, and writing assignments
  3. A three-day intensive retreat in December
  4. A final gathering at the subsequent Forum Annual Meeting (May)

Consider investing in a Gospel leader all year long in our Year-Round Mentoring program. This program provides ongoing mentoring throughout the year to ensure they are supported and have the skills needed to be successful in their area of ministry. Support a leader with a one-time gift of $975 or $80/month. To learn more about Year-Round Mentoring Groups, click on this link.


Why sponsor a leader for Year-Round Mentoring?

Malcolm Riley


Malcolm Riley (pastor, Trinity Church Central London) has been involved with Year-Round Mentoring for years. He shares:

The Year-Round Mentoring groups through the European Leadership Forum have been uniquely used in my development as a person, Christian, leader, and pastor. The combination of excellent content, healthy relationships, and a safe space outside of my immediate context where I could work through some of my own weaknesses/brokenness with seasoned mature leaders has been very strategic. I am not aware of anything quite like this, which is Europe-wide, and I wholeheartedly commend this ministry.”


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