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Forum participants have the opportunity to attend workshops each day of the Forum (see the 2023 ELF Schedule here). 

  • Post-luncheon Workshops take place from 14:45-16:00 on Sunday and Tuesday.
  • Afternoon Workshops take place from 16:15-17:30 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 


Sunday, 21 May - 14:45 CEST

There is no better training manual for Christian leaders than the Bible itself, abounding with good and bad leadership models that are relevant, dynamic and practical. Using biblical leadership principles and examples illustrated by (sometimes painful) lessons from my own… Read more
An understanding of God’s grace is vital if we are to fully enjoy the freedom we have found through our relationship with Jesus Christ. Sadly, many Christians are more aware of a sense of failure and condemnation than of reigning and rejoicing. The people of God must be restored… Read more
Are the historical narratives of the Old Testament a bunch of myths and legends concocted by Jews writing during the Babylonian exile, as ‘sceptics’ like Richard Dawkins say? What is the evidence for the historicity of history according to the Old Testament? This seminar will… Read more
Have you ever found yourself breezing over a paragraph in the Bible and then not being able to recall what you read, let alone being able to identify the main point(s)? Oftentimes if we're not careful, the words can just start to blend together. This workshop will introduce… Read more
The Bible is full of knowledge about both discipleship and finances. In this workshop, we will combine the Bible's wisdom about these two important topics. The goal is to grow in following Jesus in every area of our lives, including with our finances. We will answer the… Read more
One of the great challenges for discipleship today is navigating a media world which so often floods Christians with content which is undermining or antagonistic to spiritual growth. In the early nineteenth-century, British evangelicals sought to respond to similar challenges--… Read more
Scripture speaks of 200 leaders during the reign of King David who understood the times and knew what Israel should do (1 Chronicles 12:32). Today we have the same need for well-informed leaders – including artists – who also understand the times and know what to do. New ideas… Read more
What do you do when ministry takes an emotional, physical and spiritual toll? Burn out, discouragement and exhaustion are real dangers, but there are ways to protect and preserve your calling. This session will give you real life survival tools that will encourage you and… Read more
Pascal wrote that there is a God-shaped vacuum in the human heart. This presentation views Pascal’s vacuum as complex—as sets of longings that arise in both natural and spiritual development. We will discover how human longings shape our behaviors and relationships.
Theological training can help equip all of us for a lifetime of discipleship, ministry and leadership, whether we're in formal education, the workplace or in ministry leadership. This workshop will provide you with a renewed vision for learning and training, and outlines… Read more
A growing number of once-committed Christians are questioning their faith, leaving the church, and even identifying themselves as “exvangelical.” Why are they walking away and what can we do about it? This session unpacks the faith deconstruction movement, provides a biblical… Read more
From scandals involving celebrity preachers to busy programmes that have little sense of God, it comes as no surprise that the church today is struggling. The question is, “Why?” What is it that lies behind the church in crisis? In this workshop, Lindsay Brown interviews Andrew… Read more
In Matthew 28:19, Jesus commissioned His followers to make disciples of all nations. What strategies are most effective when we seek to serve Christ in a new place and culture? How do we establish effective and healthy cross-cultural partnerships? In this session, Sam Ko will… Read more

Sunday, 21 May - 16:15 CEST

The human brain is one of the most complex objects in the known universe, and its incredible performance impacts every area of our lives. The question may arise: Am I nothing but my brain; am I more than my brain? Certainly, there are links between brain function and our… Read more
Why is work so frustrating at times? Why do some people love their work and others hate it? In this workshop, we will seek to recapture a biblical approach to work that addresses our universal search for calling, purpose, identity, and legacy.
It’s become popular in some Christian circles to say that the Gospel message doesn’t need to be proclaimed or explained; living a Christian lifestyle is more than good enough. This perspective is often supported by a quote mistakenly ascribed to St. Francis of Assisi: “Always… Read more
We are surrounded by persuasive stories from popular culture, where happiness is portrayed as the good life. Such media stories usually emphasize pleasure, image, possessions, experiences, and personal worldview explorations. These key values reflect that consumerism,… Read more
Strategic development involves discovering, planning, and implementing a coherent set of practices that will help grow an organisation most effectively. Topics in this session will include how to analyse external opportunities, identify threats to success, how to develop… Read more
Funding from foundations is a key part of many nonprofit organisations’ annual fundraising goals. There are many generous Christian individuals and organisations that are eager to support the Lord’s work in Europe and around the world. But interacting with foundations can be… Read more
What are the needs of youth ministry leaders and how can these needs be addressed? How can we create networks to equip and encourage youth ministry leaders, school ministers, organisations, and church pastors? This workshop will explore how to unite, train, and equip youth… Read more
Literary analysis can help us to see more in any written text, and Scripture is no exception. Without giving up on historicity, we will trace in this workshop how the ‘narrator’ functions in John’s gospel, how he is ever present, and what we can learn from this. 
C. S. Lewis made the trilemma (“Liar, Lunatic, Lord”) well known and popular, but it did not start with him. The trilemma has some quite interesting predecessors in history. With the rise of critical scholarship, some have argued that the trilemma is no longer valid as such. In… Read more
This is a conversation for Christian preachers, teachers, writers, artists, social media content creators and all who transmit biblical truths to groups of people. In this seminar, we will be invited to consider an approach to communication that bridges four common evangelical… Read more
There are several secular narratives that shed a negative light on the Christian faith. Examples are "Science liberated us from the shackles of faith", "Christianity supports slavery" or "Medieval Christians taught that the earth is flat". Those are… Read more
Today, we live in a pornified culture. Thanks to the normalization of pornography and easy accessibility through the internet, the number of people addicted to pornography is rapidly rising—and the church is not immune to this trend. In this workshop, we will start talking about… Read more
Your church or organisation can have the most amazing legacy or vision for the future and still be bogged down by a system that works against its mission. Its people can navigate from highest peaks to lowest valleys almost overnight. Your team can be exposed to changes that… Read more
The parables of Jesus are the most well-known and beloved stories of the Bible. There is an endless flood of parable studies. Their theological implications have been probed thoroughly for almost two millennia. The parables are preached on time and again. As a result, we easily… Read more
Church planting is often made out to be complex and only for those of hyper-giftedness. My experience has taught me the opposite. It is doing simple things well that leads to high impact. Church planting is not rocket science. What are the handful of simple things that, when… Read more
The author of Hebrews exhorts us to “run with endurance the race that is set before us.” But the storms of life, especially for those in ministry, threaten to throw us off course. Disappointments, opposition, and fatigue drain our spiritual vitality. This workshop will explore… Read more
The number of evangelical Christians has increased in France from 50,000 in 1950 to 745,000 today. Can we identify the causes of this growth? Is this growth reproducible elsewhere? What lessons can be learnt from the French context which could be valid for other European nations…

Monday, 22 May - 14:45 CEST

The Open Art Studio is an opportunity for participants interested in art and creativity to gather together for a relaxing time of painting, drawing, music, reflection, and interaction.

Monday, 22 May - 15:00 CEST

The Forum is embarking on a new journey this year with ForumOnline, a project to unite, equip, and resource Evangelical leaders. We invite you to help shape this online initiative. We want to learn what would be helpful for you in your context. In this interactive meeting, we… Read more

Monday, 22 May - 16:15 CEST

Are you longing for a fresh move of God in our continent? Then this workshop is for you. Looking into Scripture and the previous history of revivals, we will discuss ways to pray, sow, and prepare for renewal in Europe. This session will be a Think Tank format rather than… Read more
The question of suffering is one of the greatest hurdles to Christian faith. When believers respond to the question of why there is suffering in the world, they often turn to the free-will defence - that humans make bad choices that can cause suffering for others. However, that… Read more
Christian leadership is never a solo task. This workshop will offer a clear vision regarding the shared dynamic of Christian leadership. We will explore practical aspects of collaborative leadership such as building healthy relationships, developing team dynamics and equipping… Read more
Organizational development is more about relationships than it is donations and fundraising. And, just like our own relationships, our volunteers, donors and partners are in different places in their relationship with our ministry. This Workshop will set a firm foundation on the… Read more
Young people today have been described as "the most physically safe but emotionally fragile generation in history.” Many young people struggle to cope with the demands of modern life, including social media, school, exams, and global issues. We want to help our young people… Read more
All humans have at least some interest in meaning. But it does not follow that every conversation with a non-believer should begin with a discussion of the logical or the rational. Rather, the apologist might be wise to center on some existential or affective interest of the… Read more
For about twenty years Espen Ottosen has been participating regularly in debates in the secular/general media in Norway. In a country like Norway, which is very secularized, standing up for a Christian perspective on same-sex marriage, biotechnical issues, and questions related… Read more
Does Jesus really compare certain people to dogs (Matt 15)? Is Abraham blessed for lying about his wife’s identity twice (Gen 12 and 20)? How do we understand and explain these types of passages? This interactive workshop will encourage and equip you as we wrestle together with… Read more
This workshop provides an opportunity for people engaged in Ukrainian refugee relief and ministry in Ukraine to gather in one place and learn from each other. Our goal for this time is to share stories of God at work. Come to be encouraged and to connect with others serving in… Read more
As our days go, so do our lives and ministries. How can we live in a prayerful, reflective frame of mind throughout the day? And how is technology hampering our devotion and keeping us shallow and distracted? This workshop will help you incorporate prayer at different times of… Read more
Let's face it: ministry can be hazardous to your family and to your health. Burnout, exhaustion, disappointment, and unmet expectations are real dangers that can rob you of joy and even end your ministry. Is it possible to survive the stress of ministry and even to thrive… Read more
Theological debate on sexuality and gender has typically been cast in terms of a division between ‘traditionalism’ and ‘revisionism’, where the former is aligned with those identified as ‘evangelical’ and the latter with those aligned to ‘liberalism’. This Workshop will show… Read more
While Christians believe the Bible to be the Word of God, we accept that the authors are human, but inspired by the Holy Spirit to write. Muslims believe the Qur’an was authored by Allah, who keeps an original copy in heaven. The Qur’an is apparently perfect in every respect,… Read more
My last church planting venture ended in failure. I tried to plant a church among urban professionals – lawyers and bankers – in Frankfurt, Germany. After three years of intensive ministry with little fruit to show, I had to shut it down. What contributed to my church planting… Read more
Though Christians acknowledge Jesus as God, and therefore omniscient, we often underestimate the intellectual depth of his teaching. This session looks at how his teaching frequently involves surprising richness of reference to the Old Testament, and has a depth which is not… Read more
The “Biblical Renewal” is one of the most significant movements that have both preceded and followed the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). After centuries of prohibiting the circulation of the Bible in the vernacular languages, the Roman Catholic Church has been working hard… Read more

Tuesday, 23 May - 14:45 CEST

The question of whether there is good evidence for God is one that Christians are bound to keep encountering, particularly in post-Christian cultures where the idea that the world is the handiwork of a creator seems very far from obvious to many people. In this seminar we look… Read more
Today’s public square is largely a digital one, so it’s vital that Christians, ministries, and Churches think creatively and clearly about how to engage the world of media, social media, and other digital spaces. Andy Bannister, Director of Solas, a UK based evangelism ministry… Read more
In this workshop, we will consider how pain and suffering experienced by people diagnosed with severe mental health challenges affects their spirituality, relationship with God, and how their lives affect and shape the local church. How should the church respond? How can we… Read more
In recent decades, a growing number of evangelicals have begun to question the messianic basis of the Old Testament. Although Christians agree that the Hebrew Bible anticipates Christ in some form, this is now viewed by some in terms of a general promise, and not direct… Read more
For the typical leader, there never seems to be enough time. E-mails, conversations, planning, meetings with people—your day fills up quickly and is over much too soon. The lack of time often produces stress, frustration, and limits your effectiveness. Most literature for… Read more
There has always been controversy around the issue of the role of women in the church. But there is little disagreement among Christians that women can and should teach other women that the Bible is for them, and that they too can love God with their mind. So how might the body… Read more
A clear vision can unite and mobilize churches and organisations. This workshop will help you work through how to come up with a vision that is Spirit-led, clear, and compelling for your church or organisation.
The teenager's brain has incredible potential, yet if youth and the adults that work with them do not understand this powerful organ, we may be missing out on opportunities to shepherd and mentor the next generation. This workshop will look at a teenager's brain… Read more
The pace of change in social attitudes and legal frameworks in the West concerning gender identity and sexuality has been breath-taking. Faced with the changing context and the allegation that the Church has oppressed LGBTI people simply because of who they are, how should… Read more
Churches in the Majority World will forever owe an immense debt of love to Christians in the West, many of whom brought the gospel to them often at great cost. The relationship between Christianity in the West and that in the Majority World was largely one of teacher-and-pupil… Read more
The term evangelical is often poorly defined and frequently comes with cultural and political baggage. As the label has become more controversial, many Christians have begun to wonder if they should abandon it altogether. What does it really mean to be evangelical? Is it time to… Read more

Tuesday, 23 May - 16:15 CEST

Leaders across Europe are experiencing a new phenomena—people do not want to experience leadership as being done “to” them, but rather, “alongside” them. Leadership should not only further the organisations goals, but also seek to include and develop the people being led. The… Read more
Most church leaders will ask themselves why guests don’t return. It is great to see visitors come into the church, but it can be discouraging when many only seem to come once. In this workshop we will consider seven reasons this may be happening. What will it take to help guests… Read more
The question of how humans should relate to the environment is one of the pressing issues of our generation. Climate change and biodiversity loss regularly make the headlines, and spark heated debates across society. As Christians, we need to develop a biblical understanding of… Read more
Perhaps the greatest need facing the church in Europe today is the need for more leaders. Quality leaders emerge rather than arrive. Training in a classroom context can be a significant component in the development of a leader. However, it is not enough on its own; something… Read more
Both the enduring culture of our organisations and the day-to-day climate in our teams have a powerful impact on the health and effectiveness of people and ministries. Whether we like it or not, a leader's character, presence, emotions, choices and behaviour all have an… Read more
Does God have a will for your life, or does he just want you to love him and use your own wisdom in decisions? If he does have a will, what will happen if you miss it? In discerning God’s will, should you pray and listen, ask lots of advice, or just use common sense? The Bible… Read more
This presentation provides an introduction to the ‘gender revolution’ and its impact on younger people and explores how rapid onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) among pre-teen and younger teenage girls has surged in recent years. It explores some of the common features, and… Read more
What are the traps to avoid when preaching the prophets? How to preach the prophets today with exegetical rigor, theological depth and pastoral sensitivity? How to preach the Old Testament prophets in a genre sensitive way? How can we exploit the rhetorical genius of the… Read more
In the wake of 2020 protests, the question ‘Is Christianity a white man’s religion?’ has gained much traction. The objection sees the faith as a harmful imposition on ethnic minorities and their cultures. We’ll explore the roots of this question and unpack how we can winsomely… Read more
One of the main objections against Christianity is often thought to be science. The popular notion is that Christianity and science are at odds with each other and that a thinking person is forced to choose one over against the other. But this is not true, neither historically… Read more
What is good reasoning and what is manipulation? How can manipulation be recognized in the private as well as in the public sphere? What is propaganda and how does it work? In this session, we will analyse some basic concepts of manipulation and countermeasures and discuss the… Read more
In ministry, we often overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what God can do in five. Is it really possible to have a vibrant culture of evangelism in our churches? In this workshop, we will explore how the development of a sustainable, achievable, and… Read more
Humans are wired to favor happiness over unhappiness. Yet, they were created with the ability to experience a number of negative emotions: sadness, anger, anxiety/fear, shame, and guilt. The purpose of these emotions in a fallen world will be discussed, along with some basic… Read more
Why is it that so many Christians are not spiritually mature? What does a faithful disciple look like according to Scripture? What are some of the most common challenges to discipleship in our lives and ministries? This workshop will give a practical strategy on how to grow to… Read more
Do the arts matter for Christians? You may not see yourself as a practising artist. But there are biblical and compelling reasons why every Christian should engage the arts. This workshop explores why we should take the arts seriously with a special focus on how the arts open… Read more

Wednesday, 24 May - 16:15 CEST

Why do some movies connect with us so deeply, speak to us so powerfully? It could be that movies offer some arrestingly honest reflections on the nature of humanity, the unanswered questions and important discussions of today. But is there more to it than this? This seminar will… Read more
In a time of post-truth, virtue-signaling and relativism, do people even care about truth? When it comes to engaging with our cultural moment, how can we persuasively communicate the truth of Jesus Christ? In this session, we will explore a few philosophical underpinnings before… Read more
A generation with broken relationships and in identity crisis is thirsty for community and truth. A discipleship relationship is sharing life with someone, not expecting them to come to me but going to where they are and intentionally showing them what it means to follow Jesus… Read more
How do we reach the young generation with the Gospel where they are—in the digital world? Julia co-leads the largest national evangelistic youth-outreach in Germany that reached half a million people through a YouTube-format in 2020, has 10K follower on Instagram, and a wide… Read more
As He moved among the broken in His time on our planet, the Creator quoted from an unexpected source. Christ referred to the Psalms more than any part of our sacred text. But when we need help in our living, we rarely knock on a poet’s door; our bookshelves favour method over… Read more
Mathematicians and computer scientists have developed and studied Artificial Intelligence (AI) for many decades. In 1950 Alan Turing, considered one of the fathers of computer science, proposed the "imitation game" (now called the Turing Test) to assess a computer… Read more
John’s gospel is firmly based in the narrative world of the Old Testament. But what does this look like and how does it work throughout the book? By looking at the ways that the Old Testament has shaped John’s symbolic world, we start to see to what extent the Old Testament… Read more
Many Christians are nervous to talk about their faith at work, university, or among their friends for fear of the consequences. In this very practical talk, Andy will help address this nervousness and introduce some easy-to-use tools for everyday conversational evangelism that… Read more
We have all heard about generational differences, but how do these differences impact your leadership? Together, a millennial and a GenXer will help you explore what Millenials and GenXers can learn from each other about leadership and how to put those lessons into practice when… Read more
I have been leading Tyndale House, Cambridge, for over 15 years, and by God’s grace it has grown and been fruitful. However, I’ve made many errors in terms of bad personal priorities, poor use of funds, trying to control people’s future, and the cherishing of delusional thinking… Read more
All are welcome to this informal session in which the ELF worship and production teams will respond to participants' questions in the plenary hall. This session will give you the opportunity to find out more about the music and technology used throughout the week in the… Read more
This workshop will address the war in Ukraine, hearing from leaders seeking to make a difference in the midst of the crisis. We will hear about how Christians in Ukraine view the war as well as some of the creative ways they have responded to the challenge. 
There is an urgent need for faithful Christian presence in mainstream media. How to be salt and light through the writing of opinion pieces? In this session, Stefan Gustavsson and Espen Ottosen will share from their wide experience as evangelical opinion writers in Sweden and… Read more