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Ellsworth Lewis

Ellsworth Lewis
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  • United States
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Clinical Psychologist
Houston Christian University

V. Ellsworth Lewis, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist currently teaching (Houston Christian University), consulting with missionaries (OC International), and writing. He has worked with children, families, and adults-- providing assessment, therapy, and supervision in medical centers, rural clinics, prisons, and mental health court. His current writing projects include work on a psychology that is distinguishably Christian while remaining planted in bodily experience and human longings. In Visceribus Christi (In the Bowels of Christ) is a presentation planned for the 2023 CAPS conference (the Christian Association for Psychological Science). He is married to Zalei. Together, they have five children and three grandchildren.

Upcoming Sessions

Title Date Type
The Holy Body - 2023 Pastoral Counsellors Network
The Holy Body - 2023 Professional Counsellors Network
The Bowels of Christ–Men Without Chests - 2023 Professional Counsellors Network
Sex, Evangelism, and the God-Shaped Vacuum - Workshop
The Bowels of Christ–Men Without Loins - 2023 Professional Counsellors Network
The Vessel that Longed to be a Temple - 2023 Pastoral Counsellors Network