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Max Baker-Hytch

Max Baker-Hytch
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  • England
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Lecturer in Philosophy
Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University; OCCA (The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics)

Max Baker-Hytch received his PhD in Philosophy from Oxford University in 2014 and subsequently held two postdoctoral research fellowships, one at Oxford (2014-15) and one at the University of Notre Dame (2015-16). Since 2016, he has been Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and a member of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University. Max is also a speaker affiliated with The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He has published scholarly articles on various topics at the intersection of analytic philosophy of religion and epistemology. He is currently working on an academic book on divine hiddenness.

Upcoming Sessions

Title Date Type
Consciousness and Reason: Naturalism’s Achilles Heel - 2023 Apologetics (Advanced) Network
Arguments for Theism and Christianity - 2023 Evangelism Network
Transhumanism: Humanity 2.0? - 2023 Academic Network
Arguments for Theism and Christianity - Workshop
Transhumanism: Humanity 2.0? - 2023 Theologians Network