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YRM Sessions

Would you like mentoring in your calling and ministry for an entire year?  Then choose one of the Forum Year-Round Mentoring (YRM) groups and be mentored throughout the year in your area of ministry. The YRM initiatives seek to unite, equip and resource evangelical leaders throughout the year.  YRM groups gather leaders with similar callings or ministries into small groups of 10-15.  YRM participants can:

  • Learn valuable skills from senior evangelical leaders
  • Join in community with like-minded peers
  • Be encouraged and grow in their ministries
  • Be mentored in your specific calling
  • Be developed toward the Forum leader impacts

The following Pre-Forum events are for YRM participants. To learn more about YRM groups and find out how to apply to join one, visit:

2023 YRM Pre-Forum Conferences & Seminars

YRM Pre-Forum Conferences

YRM Pre-Forum Conferences

YRM Pre-Forum Seminars