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Forum One-on-One Mentoring

European evangelical leaders are often isolated in their ministries, without an experienced leader in their local context to turn to with their questions and issues. At the European Leadership Forum (ELF) annual meeting, leaders can seek out a meeting with an experienced leader to discuss the challenges they face and the questions they have.

But where can a leader go to receive mentoring, advice, and prayer outside of the ELF annual meeting? Who can a leader turn to for help on how to grow to maturity, develop personally as a leader, address family problems, and/or develop their gifts in their ministry during the year?

Our Vision 

The European Leadership Forum is a movement where no leader stands alone.

Forum One-on-One Mentoring seeks to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders personally, professionally, and spiritually throughout the year by connecting them with experienced mentors and leaders who can mentor them and speak into their lives and ministries.

Our Strategy

Since leaders have such a wide variety of needs, the Forum offers many different types of mentoring in areas ranging from Academic to Church Planting to Marriage. The Forum will expand support to leaders and facilitate mentoring connections throughout the year by:

→ Recruiting trusted ELF leaders as mentors with extensive experience in their field and a heart to serve throughout the year.

→ Providing a platform for leaders to find suitable mentors in their field or issue area and request a meeting time.

Who Can Sign Up?

Forum One-on-One Mentoring will first be available to those leaders who are accepted to participate in the 2021 European Leadership Forum (whether in person or online). (If you were accepted and paid to attend the 2020 ELF in Poland, you are already accepted to the 2021 ELF.)

Fill out our interest form below to have first access to Forum One-on-One Mentoring.


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