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2024 Evangelism Network

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Equipping evangelists with fresh understanding, best practices, and biblically-rooted insights

Europe is one of the most relativistic and strategic continents on the earth. Europeans desperately need to hear and understand the life-giving word of truth - the Gospel. How can this message be shared relevantly, biblically, and credibly? This Network brings together some of the best evangelists from across Europe to provide fresh understandings, best practices, and biblically rooted insights. 

Optional prior preparation will be set for all applicants.

What Network Participants Are Saying

  • "The Forum's Evangelism Network has been enormously impactful in my life and my ministry. I know the impact it has had on multiple people across multiple nations. So, as we look at the vision of renewing the biblical church and evangelising Europe, I am extremely confident that the Forum is working towards that goal. That is a wonderful vision to be working towards - it is such a need here." 
    - David Seckington, associate pastor, England
  • "The European Leadership Forum has helped me connect with students of the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics, friends who are involved in similar work, mentors who are training me, thinkers who have challenged me, Bible teachers who have taught me faithfully, and over 50 evangelists that we have trained and sent out through the Evangelism Network. I think we will look back in the future and say, ‘God actually used the Forum to stir the European church up to believe, for the first time since Francis Schaeffer, that we have something meaningful to say and that God can break through to people in Europe.’"
    - Tom Price, Speaker at Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, England

Applicants could be anyone interested in growing in evangelism who wants to be equipped to share the gospel messages in ways that are relevant, biblical, and credible. Applicants could also be anyone interested in helping others grow in evangelism as this programme could serve as a model to train others. The Network is focused at conversational evangelism and encouraging excitement around doing evangelism.

Network Leadership

Malcolm Riley has had the privilege of following Jesus Christ since 1997. After studying for a BA in biology at Nottingham University, he helped run evangelistic holidays for school children. He then joined the staff at a city center church as the student outreach worker for three years and then… Read more

Network Speakers

Mike Betts is one of the leaders of Relational Mission, a family of churches itself part of the wider Newfrontiers group. Mike is the author of From the Inside Out, Relational Mission: A Way of Life, The Prayers of Many and Everyone a Witness. Mike enjoys… Read more

Kay Carter is UK National Director of Christianity Explored Ministries, where she is primarily responsible for producing video-based courses which introduce people to Jesus through the pages of Scripture. She previously worked at Tyndale House, a biblical research institute, heading up strategy… Read more

Jubi da Silva is an evangelist, writer, and speaker, passionate about equipping the local church in evangelism. Jubi was a pastor in Brazil before gaining a Master's in Theology at Regent College, Vancouver. Now serving as International Training Director for Christianity Explored Ministries… Read more

Julia Garschagen is a theologian and serves as the director of the Pontes Institute for Science, Culture and Faith in the German-speaking region. She speaks at universities and in business contexts across Europe and loves to be in dialogue about a faith that is both intellectually credible and… Read more

Kristi Mair teaches philosophy, ethics, and apologetics at Oak Hill College in London, UK, where she also provides pastoral support for F students. She holds a degree in philosophy and theology, as well as an MA in philosophy of religion and ethics. She is currently working on her PhD in the… Read more

Stephen McQuoid grew up in Ethiopia where his parents were missionaries. He then lived in Ireland where he qualified as a nurse before going on to study theology, gaining a variety of degrees including an MTh and PhD in theology. He is the author of 16 books on subjects such as discipleship,… Read more

Dave Patty has been involved in training youth leaders and leading national and international youth movements in Europe for over 30 years. He serves as the president of Josiah Venture. He is also a founding member of Concentric, which mobilizes and equips youth ministry trainers in over 60… Read more

Roland Werner is a professor of theology, Bible translator, author, and church-planter in Marburg, a quaint medieval university town in the middle of Germany. He holds a African and Semitic linguistics and a Ph.D. in theology. With his wife Elke he has served in many countries, including… Read more

Network Programme

Sunday, 26 May

The past two decades have seen rapid change in European culture, dramatically affecting the outlook and attitudes of young Europeans and the questions they ask about God. This session looks at what research can teach us about the worldview of young Europeans, to help us present the unchanging truth of the gospel in a way that makes cultural sense to them.

The need for sharing the gospel is huge, the fields are ripe but how do we find labourers to engage in this vast mission? In this session, we will look at the biblical call for each of us to be a witness for Christ. Knowing exactly our deep need of Christ as saviour, what are the elements of a genuine conversion to Christ and how does this then work itself out in everyday life both personally and in the corporate setting of being a part of the family of Christ in the local church?

Monday, 27 May

A growing number of once-committed Christians are questioning their faith, leaving the church, and even identifying themselves as “exvangelical.” Why are they walking away and what can we do about it? This session unpacks the faith deconstruction movement, provides a biblical analysis, and suggests ways Christian leaders can respond.

Evangelism has always been difficult, and it feels like it’s only getting worse. Our churches are intimidated, distracted, even aloof — and yet many around us go on desperately hungry for God, without even knowing it! How can we seek and find the hungry among the hostile? How can we engage people’s hearts like Jesus himself did? This session is your opportunity to learn (and train others) to evangelise the way Jesus did.

Tuesday, 28 May

It is an amazing fact that the small group of Jesus-Followers in Judaea and Galilee who had "been with Jesus" initiated a movement that, in the course of the next 200-300 years, reached and transformed not only the Roman empire, but also other regions and countries like Armenia, Persia, and reached all the way to Ethiopia and India. How did the early Christians achieve this - in the face of opposition and persecution and without the backing of financial and political support? In this session, we will look at the key factors in the life and witness of these early Christians which made this possible.

What makes Gen Z “tick” and why are they so different? In this session, we will discuss how the post-modern generation perceives truth and the effect this has on their view of morality, justice, power, and transcendence. Furthermore, we will explore how we can build bridges to the Gospel for this generation and show that the Gospel is good news.

Wednesday, 29 May

We all know that becoming more effective in reaching the lost is essential for the growth of the church in Europe. Yet many methods rely on attractive events, media strategies, or gifted evangelists to spread the message. The great untapped potential lies in equipping everyday believers to effectively share the gospel with their friends. To do this, they need simple strategies and tools that will work in a wide variety of settings. In this session, we will learn three proven tools that are bearing fruit in Europe, as well as special training materials that will help you equip believers for everyday evangelism.

We know what the gospel is and we acknowledge every Christian should be a witness for Jesus Christ. However, we also need to think about what qualities good evangelists need to embody. Obviously being spiritually gifted is key, but there is also a set of qualities that we can develop which will enable us to be better evangelists. This includes obvious qualities such as approachability and boldness but also some less obvious ones such as patience and humility.