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The European Leadership Forum is a movement
where no leader stands alone.

We believe relationships play a critical role in the Christian life. Jesus taught that loving God and loving people is at the heart of life. Because of this, the Forum is built on sacrificial relationships of love, encouragement, and service between evangelical leaders from different organizations, denominations, and nations.

The European Leadership Forum provides opportunities at our annual meeting and throughout the year for leaders to build relationships and receive the training and encouragement they need. Find out more about Forum Personal Mentoring, One-on-one Mentoring, and Year-Round Mentoring below.

Annual Meeting Mentoring

Forum Personal Mentoring

Forum Personal Mentoring seeks to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders personally, professionally, and spiritually by connecting them with experienced leaders who can speak into their lives and ministries. Mentoring meetings take place at the Forum Annual Meeting and last about an hour. Participants may pose difficult questions, seek advice on a specific situation, learn more about a particular topic of interest, or receive prayer and encouragement from mature Gospel leaders in these mentoring meetings.

All Forum participants are invited to sign up for up to two Forum Personal Mentoring meetings. After choosing a type of mentoring, participants select a mentor and a time slot through our scheduling system. The types of mentoring we offer change every year. See a list of last year’s mentoring types HERE.

More information and sign-up here!

Online One-on-One Mentoring

Forum One-on-one Mentoring

Forum One-on-one Mentoring seeks to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders personally, professionally, and spiritually throughout the year by connecting them with experienced mentors and leaders who can mentor them and speak into their lives and ministries. Forum One-on-one Mentoring expands support to leaders and facilitates mentoring connections throughout the year by:

  • Recruiting trusted ELF leaders as mentors with extensive experience in their field and a heart to serve throughout the year participants who are accepted to the 2022 ELF.
  • Providing a platform for leaders to find suitable mentors in their field or issue area and request an online meeting time.

Forum One-on-one Mentoring will be available first to ELF participants. Let us know you are interested in Forum One-on-one Mentoring by filling out the form below.

Express interest

Year Round Mentoring in Small Groups

Forum Year-Round Mentoring Groups

Year-Round Mentoring (YRM) seeks to unite, equip, and resource evangelical leaders throughout the year. YRM groups gather leaders with similar callings or ministries into small groups of 10 to 15. YRM participants can expect to:

  • Learn valuable skills from senior evangelical leaders
  • Join in community with like-minded peers
  • Be encouraged and grow in their ministries
  • Be mentored in your specific calling
  • Be developed toward the Forum leader impacts.

You can find out more about YRM groups by visiting the FOCL Initiatives site.