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2024 Bible Teachers and Preachers (Advanced) Network

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Equipping Christian leaders to teach and preach God’s Word effectively

To preach and teach the full counsel of God’s Word will require us to preach from all parts of the Scriptural canon. That includes the prophets – God’s hard-hitting expert communicators. In this year’s Advanced Network, we will explore together a pair of prophets. Both were inspired by God with a message for the Assyrian city of Nineveh. While both are worthy of our attention, they tend to suffer from neglect for different reasons.

Jonah is a very well-known and even familiar story that tends to be partially presented to children.  It suffers from familiarity.  Do we really understand what happened in the book of Jonah?  Is it just a warning not to run away from God’s call?  Actually, Jonah presents the gracious heart of God as a bright focal point against the backdrop of his own hard heart.  We will look again at this familiar narrative and rediscover the rich relevance of the book for our churches today.

Nahum is neglected, not because of a false familiarity, but because we hardly know it at all.  It suffers from neglect, plain and simple. At first glance, it appears to be almost entirely negative. Is Nahum just a depressing detour in a journey through the Minor Prophets? Actually, once we grasp the intended audience of his prophecy, Nahum can speak to our hearts today as it spoke to hearts open to hear it back then.

Join us as we explore these two connected books together in the Advanced Network 2024. All those who teach the Bible, whether in a local church setting, on university campuses, or elsewhere, whether from the pulpit or not, are welcome.

The Advanced Track is for those who have either attended a previous European Bible Teachers and Preachers Network, participated in the Year-Round Mentoring Preachers track, a Cor Deo preaching course, or a Langham Preaching seminar in Europe.

For those who have proven success in these areas and would like to be considered for the Advanced Network, please email with a description of your background, experience in Bible teaching, and an explanation of why you would like to move up into the Advanced Network.

Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.

What Network Participants Are Saying

  • "At the Forum I heard brilliant teaching and I learned a lot from talking with other leaders from different parts of the world. I regularly preach in my church and I receive invitations from other churches and organisations to preach and teach, so the Bible Teachers and Preachers Network has been an incredible blessing to me." 
    - Istvan Horvath, General Secretary of the Hungarian Evangelical Alliance, Hungary
  • "I am preparing to be a pastor. For three years, I served as a pastoral intern and in a few months I hope to be ordained. It is an important time for me, thinking and planning and praying about my future, both in ministry as well as the possibility of further education. The Forum's Bible Teachers and Preachers Network provides me with the opportunity to grow, receive encouragement, learn, and hear stories of God working in Europe and around the world. I am tremendously grateful to be at the Forum."
    - Filip Kegel, vicar of EXE Church, Poland

Applicants should be those who have either attended the European Bible Teachers and Preachers Network: Foundational Track or who have attended Langham Partnership Preaching conferences in their countries. The aim each year is to consider the challenges and opportunities presented by different biblical genres, building on the key skills gained in the Foundational Track.

Network Leadership

Peter Mead is the director of Cor Deo, a ministry training programme in Chippenham, England. He is also part of the leadership team of Trinity Chippenham, a church Peter helped to plant back in 2014. Peter is a lecturer for Union School of Theology. He studied at Multnomah Biblical Seminary… Read more

Network Speakers

René Breuel was born in São Paulo, Brazil and has lived in Rome, Italy for the past 13 years, where he serves as the Founding Pastor of Hopera, a church in Rome’s university neighborhood. He holds a Master of Studies in Creative Writing from Oxford University in the UK, a Master of Divinity… Read more

Mike Chalmers is a mentor with Cor Deo, a ministry training programme, and is also UFM Worldwide’s Short-term Mission Coordinator. Previously, he was a Staff Worker in Wales with UCCF. He enjoys preaching and discipling and continues to support and encourage university students by speaking at… Read more

Andy Hamilton is originally from Northern Ireland but has lived in Italy for most of his life. Andy obtained a Master of Theology from Queen’s University Belfast through Belfast Bible College and a Doctor of Ministry degree in preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He lives in the… Read more

Peter Mead is the director of Cor Deo, a ministry training programme in Chippenham, England. He is also part of the leadership team of Trinity Chippenham, a church Peter helped to plant back in 2014. Peter is a lecturer for Union School of Theology. He studied at Multnomah Biblical Seminary… Read more

Steve Mitchell is part of the leadership team at Cornerstone Church in Swindon, a small church plant in the rapidly expanding north of the town. Steve is passionate about seeing God’s people equipped to share God’s Word no matter what context they are in. Previously, he worked in the IT industry… Read more

Lindsay Olesberg is a Bible teacher and Scripture Engagement leader with more than 35 years of ministry experience. She has provided Scripture Engagement leadership for numerous Urbana Missions Conferences, Cape Town 2010 (Lausanne’s Third Global Congress), and Lausanne’s Younger Leaders… Read more

Network Programme

Sunday, 26 May

The book of Jonah has captivated imaginations for millennia. Together we will analyse the text and experience the gripping power of the prophetic narrative in a manuscript study of the first two chapters. Jonah’s call and flight, his return journey on and in the Mediterranean Sea – a classic story of God’s goodness and the prophet’s rebellion to enjoy together.

Many preachers tend to steer clear of the prophetic books because of the complexity of the genre. But the rhetorical genius of the prophets is worth exploring and the value of their messages is worth considering. In this session, we will discuss how to preach the prophets today with exegetical rigor, theological depth, and pastoral sensitivity.

Monday, 27 May

The second half of Jonah is a fascinating contrast of divine grace and human anger. A second chance for Jonah, a remarkable repentance from Nineveh, and a surprising turn in the plot. Together, we will continue our manuscript study of Jonah and feel the force of the narrative first-hand.

The little book of Jonah is so much more than a fun story for children. It is a theological masterpiece. How are we to effectively preach and teach the theological impact of Jonah in the church today? What does Jonah have to say to 21st Century believers?

Tuesday, 28 May

Nahum is the other minor prophet that is concerned with Assyria. What was the impact of his prophetic burden? How does it reveal God to his original readers. We will embark on a selective study of the manuscript and experience the force of Nahum’s prophecy together.

While Jonah may be a familiar and popular Bible story, Nahum would generally be considered to be neither familiar nor popular. How can we preach and teach a book like Nahum effectively in our own context? What approaches can we take that might help our listeners gain maximum benefit from the full counsel of God’s Word - even Nahum?

Wednesday, 29 May

This combined session of the Bible Teachers Networks will offer a unique opportunity to hear and learn from René Breuel. We will bring questions to him about the plenary Bible sessions and other aspects of the preacher’s life and ministry.

Preaching and teaching are not something we learn once and repeat forever. There is always more to learn. In this final session, we will think together about growing as a preacher and teacher. What plans can we put in place to continue growing in the ministry that God has given us? For this session, the foundational and advanced networks will be combined.