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Peter S. Williams

Peter S. Williams ( studied philosophy at Cardiff University (BA), Sheffield University (MA), and the University of East Anglia in Norwich (MPhil). Peter lives in England and is Assistant Professor in Communication and Worldviews at Gimlekollen College, NLA University, Norway. His publications include: Outgrowing God? A Beginner’s Guide to Richard Dawkins and the God Debate (Wipf and Stock, 2020); Getting at Jesus: A Comprehensive Critique of Neo-Atheist Nonsense About the Jesus of History (Wipf & Stock, 2019); A Faithful Guide to Philosophy: A Christian Introduction to the Love of Wisdom (Wipf and Stock, 2019); C.S. Lewis vs. the New Atheists (Paternoster, 2013) and Understanding Jesus: Five Ways to Spiritual Enlightenment (Paternoster, 2011).



How Our Desires Point to God: C.S. Lewis’s Theistic Argument

Psalm 42 states that "As the deer pants for water, so I long for you, O God", but did you know that there's an actual argument for the existence of God, and even of heaven, from the existence of certain human desires? C.S. Lewis was captivated by this theme, and he produced the twentieth century’s principal thematic and argumentative engagement with what has come to be known by philosophers as 'the argument from desire'. This workshop will explore Lewis' apologetic engagement with desire and how it points us to God.


Archaeological Evidence and Jesus

We live in an age of uninformed scepticism about Jesus. This talk will show how the physical discoveries of archaeology undermine common misconceptions about the existence of Jesus, the historical reliability of the Gospels, the historical credentials of central Christian beliefs such as the crucifixion, burial, and empty tomb of Jesus, and the existence of people who believed Jesus was God long before the 4th century church council of Nicea.


Post-Forum Seminar

Evidence for Old Testament History

Are the historical narratives of the Old Testament a bunch of myths and legends concocted by Jews writing during the Babylonian exile, as ‘sceptics’ like Richard Dawkins say? What is the evidence for the historicity of history according to the Old Testament? This seminar will focus on presenting the internal and external evidence as it relates to the sweep of biblical history from Abraham’s Ur to Daniel’s Babylon. There will be practical applications for church teaching & preaching. Join us to see the latest archaeological evidence relating to the Old Testament!


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