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Stefan Gustavsson

Stefan Gustavsson is a member of the European Leadership Forum Steering Committee. He is the director for Apologia – Centre for Christian Apologetics and makes his home in Stockholm. He was the founding General Secretary for the Swedish Evangelical Alliance. Stefan travels widely with apologetic teaching and training and is often involved in university evangelism and public debates. He is the author of several books on Christian apologetics and the Christian mind. Stefan is married to Ingrid and they have three grown children.



Christianity and Science: Friends or Foes?

One of the main objections against Christianity is often thought to be science. The popular notion is that Christianity and science are at odds with each other and that a thinking person is forced to choose one over against the other. But this is not true, neither historically when we look at the origin and growth of science nor today when we look at the findings of science.


The Art of Answering Questions

In Europe, a Gospel presentation is naturally met with objections and questions – and that is not something to be avoided. The New Testament says: “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” (Col 4:7) As evangelists, we are called to grow in the art of answering questions. In this session we will both look at principles that can guide us in developing answers and tackle some of the most common questions we face.


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