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Jim Cecy

Jim Cecy is a regular speaker at the European Leadership Forum. He serves as Senior Pastor-Teacher of Campus Bible Church in Fresno, California. Jim is also founder and President of JARON Ministries International, a training ministry for Christian leaders in the U.S. and abroad. He has a Masters of Divinity in Bible Exposition from Talbot Theological Seminary and a Doctorate of Ministry from Western Seminary. He is a conference and seminar speaker for hundreds of churches, schools, seminars, conference centers, Christian groups and denominations in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to other books and materials, he is the author of The Purity War: A Biblical Guide to Living in an Immoral World and Anger: The Worm in My Apple. Jim has been married for forty-seven years and has thirteen grandchildren. Information about his materials, books and seminars is available at and and


Pre-Forum Seminar

Crowns of Old Age

Most likely, we will face the challenge of caring for the elderly in our home, church and community. Unless the Lord has a different plan for us, we will also reach those supposed “golden years.” In addition to practical senior-care issues, we need to have a biblical understanding as to what God expects of older men and women, especially those who are born-again disciples of Jesus Christ. In this six-part series we will examine the following:

Session One: The Crowns of Sacred Blessing in Old Age

Session Two: The Crown of Substantial Rejoicing in Old Age

Session Three: The Crown of Spiritual Rest in Old Age

Session Four: The Crown of Spiritual Reproduction in Old Age

Session Five: The Crown of Serious Reflection in Old Age

Session Six: The Crown of Supernatural Revival in Old Age



Handling Pressure Jesus' Way

Most of us who are engaged in ministry face the life-long struggle with saying “No,” especially out of fear of disappointing people we are called to love and serve. Sometimes, our reasons never quite satisfy. Having to make difficult decisions in the midst of the on-going pressure of pleasing people can take us down a road of loneliness and isolation. We are not alone. Jesus Himself faced these same pressures and expectations, even from His most intimate friends. From the story of the death of His dear friend, Lazarus, and His response to the sisters who were initially disappointed in Jesus’ inactivity, we learn how to handle pressure Jesus’ way (cf. John 11:-11).


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