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Dirk Jongkind

Dirk Jongkind is a Dutch biblical scholar who finished his PhD at Cambridge University. His main scholarly interest is in the Greek text of the Bible and the Graeco-Roman backdrop of Acts and the letters. Currently, he is the Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language at Tyndale House, Deputy Senior Tutor at St Edmund's College, Cambridge, and affiliated lecturer at Cambridge University. He has done much work on Greek manuscripts and other remains from the ancient world.



How to Think Biblically About Computer Science – and Every Other Academic Discipline as Well

Scripture provides us with the most immediate access to the mind of God available to us. As such, the personal reading and meditation of the Word of the one who is the Creator and Sustainer of everything falls into a different category than the words and ideas found in other abstracting disciplines such as theology, biblical exegesis, and philosophy. In this session we will think about our exposure to God's Word which does not come to us through theological or philosophical categories, but nevertheless has a deep formative influence on how we approach our discipline - listening to God's Word feeds us on every level.


Questioning the Bible: An Anatomy of Scepticism

Sceptics have a variety of ‘knock out’ arguments against Scripture. Often these arguments are lingering questions in Christian minds too, which is the basis for their persuasiveness. In this talk we will dissect the various types of arguments against the Bible and how to think about these as ‘apologists’. This overall picture will help us to prepare our response and point us at ways to keep the Gospel central. We will discuss questions about the reliability of the wording of the Bible, its historical content, and its ethical content / moral framework. In our reflections we will see how the central message of Jesus’ death and resurrection can be interwoven in our interactions.


Post-Forum Seminar

Reflections on Staying Faithful as a Disciple and a Theologian
With Dirk Jongkind and Wayne Grudem

Wayne Grudem’s best-selling Systematic Theology has sold over 750,000 copies and has been translated into over a dozen languages worldwide. A second edition of the book has just come out in 2020. This session will be a chance to have a conversation with a faithful and godly Evangelical theologian and to ask him hard questions about his life and work.


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