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Titus Pastean

Titus Pastean
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  • Romania
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What is your ministry?

After graduating from the Baptist Theological Seminary in Bucharest in 1996, I become a pastor in a Baptist Church in Arad, Romania. My main responsibility was to develop the youth ministry. In 2001, I moved to another church to also help develop youth ministry. In this church I ran a team of about 30 volunteer leaders who led small group discipleship. In 2003, I moved to another city to develop a fresh youth ministry where I created and developed a team of leaders to serve a growing number of young people. In 2000, I become a founder of an interdenominational Romanian organization with the vision to invest in the next generation of leaders.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I would like to be inspired and to learn from more experienced brothers and sisters in organizational development. There are many aspects of developing an organization in which I have no experience. For instance, I never put together a board of trustees, so I would like to receive assistance in creating such a board. I am looking for encouragement. Working and learning together with other leaders, I hope I will feel strengthened and encouraged in the effort of making my ministry grow.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

In 2007, I became acquainted with Crown Financial Ministry, an organization specializing in biblical financial education. I felt called by God to move in this direction. Since then, in parallel with my ministry in the church as a pastor, I gave time and energy to developing a biblical financial ministry in Romania. A few years later I made a connection with another organization called Compass- Finances God's Way. We started to partner together. This year I launched a new Romanian organization for spreading the message of biblical stewardship. My current role is to run the ministry and to develop it to serve the whole country.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

As I have started a new organization, I want to develop it well and to help as many people in Romania as possible to discover the freedom of serving Jesus with all their hearts, time, and resources.