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Reinier van den Berg

Reinier van den Berg
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  • Poland
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  • 2022 Organisational Development and Fundraising Network

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What is your ministry?

At Fundacja "Bread of Life", “Our mission is to share God’s love by rescuing people whose functioning in society is strongly threatened and those who are on the margins of society.” "Bread of Life" is a non-profit Christian organization based in Poznań, Poland, with its main goal to serve the poor, sick, homeless, and needy. For 12 years, the Foundation has operated a treatment and rehabilitation center for homeless people. Currently, Poland is 0.2%evangelical with almost 90% of the counties void of an evangelical church. At Ewangeliczna Polska, we respond by helping to catalyze collaborative efforts among pastors, churches and various ministry organizations for Kingdom impact.

When did you trust Christ?

In 1986, I was a teenager in a Christian family. I regularly went to church and I was convinced that living a Christian life was much better than living for anything else. I was ready to adopt the Christian life for myself; however, somehow it didn’t work! Then on March 10, 1986, in the morning, I heard about God’s invitation, which sounded attractive again. I wanted to believe and apply it to my own life as a teenager, but the very same day I ended up in a family situation in which I was far from being patient or kind. I was proud, I dishonored others, self-seeking, and very easily angered. I realized how much my life was a mess and how much I needed a Savior! I asked Him to forgive my sins, and to come with His love, and to take over control!

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

In 1994, through involvement in international student ministry, I met a wonderful girl from Poland, Maja. I asked God to give me wisdom, and almost one year later we got married. From 2009 Maja and I were involved in student ministry. For 8 years, I served on the national board of IFES-Poland InterVarsity, where I learned valuable lessons in humility. During the year 2017, Bread of Life was facing the need for a new director. It was clear that God was asking me to serve! So, by January 2018 I was voted the new Chairman for Poland for Bread of Life. A great challenge, but also a leap of faith.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

One of the major needs of Fundacja "Bread of Life" is active networking. To be able to expand the ministry where individuals with a calling to serve can join. I want to redirect demands for support to organizations active in given areas or locations. I want to implement ideas and projects which have proved successful elsewhere! Interaction with international leaders at the European Leadership Forum will add another dimension to this.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

From 1995-2001 I was a regional student leader at IFES-Poland-InterVarsity. From 2001-2009 I was a member on their national board. From 2010-2017, I was a member of the council for Fundacja "Bread of Life" and now I am the director and chairman. Starting in 2020, I have been a leader in humanitarian work for Ewangeliczna Polska.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I have a strong passion “That in every evangelical congregation in Poznań, Wielkopolska, and eventually all of Poland people feel encouraged, mobilized, and directed to humanitarian work in accordance with Matthew 25:35-36. I dream that all humanitarian evangelical organizations join together so as to make the best use of this army of mobilized people to reach to the maximum number of the poor, sick, homeless, and socially excluded with the hope that God gives us." I believe that -Fundacja "Bread of Life" and Ewangeliczna Polska provide powerful tools to make this passion and dream become true!