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Kata Balog

Kata Balog
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  • Hungary
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What is your ministry?

I was formerly in Wales and have returned to Hungary. Currently, I am serving on the worship team in my church. I am also working with the children in the children’s ministry. Last year I was part of the leadership of our church while our pastor was on his sabbatical. I am taking steps to revitalise my church, and I am trying to find other dominations in my country that are open to start church revitalisation ministry. I am planning to start a Ph.D. program on this topic. Finally, I serve as a volunteer for the Hungarian National Forum.

When did you trust Christ?

I first heard the Gospel when I was five years old. I attended a church service with my mom, where I was taught about Jesus and what He accomplished at the cross for me. I felt a calling in my soul, and I gave my life to Jesus at that time.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

I had good Bible teachers in my church, and I learned a lot from them. As I grew up, I helped in children’s camps, youth conferences, small groups, and my church’s youth ministry. When I was a university student, I participated in an IFES group with two other students; I learned so much from the coordinators and the workers of IFES in Hungary. I visited churches depending on which city I lived in, and I finally began to serve at Agora Church in Budapest. I could see the people there growing in Christ. Currently, I am serving on the worship team and in the children’s ministry in the church.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

At the Forum, I learned more about God and how to live as a member of the body of Christ. I have grown as a Christian. I have learned more about God and His work and His plan for my life and my church. I have built networks and relationships with others from other countries and have shared the outcomes with my church and others from my country. The Forum is such a blessed week, where I meet new people with whom I can learn and share.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I was a leader in my old church in the youth ministry, but I moved to a new city. I was a leader in our IFES group at the university for almost two years, where I helped with the weekly meetings. Before moving to Wales, I was also a worship leader in helping plant a church with a couple of pastors from England.  

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I can see some of the problems in churches in Hungary that make the people frustrated. Many people are “religious,” but they are not believers. I want to help them find a way to change their thinking about Christianity, ministry, and theology. I want to help people find Jesus so that their scars can be healed and become new.