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Detailed information about the 2020 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2019 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2020 Forum Workshops.

All European Leadership Forum participants have the opportunity to attend one or two workshops each day of the Forum. 

Post-Luncheon Workshops are optional and are conducted from 14:45-16:00.

Afternoon Workshops are conducted each day from 16:15 to 17:30. 


How to Sign Up

Step 1 – Review the Post-Luncheon Workshops and Afternoon Workshops below.  When you click on a link in the table, it will take you to the Workshop summary on the speaker's page, so you can see all of his or her speaking topics. You will find the speaker's bio at the top of each linked page.

Step 2 - Once you have decided which Workshops you would like to attend, log back into your registration account using the link below ("Sign up here"), and click OK. You will need the confirmation number you received when you originally registered for the ForumNote that summaries can also be found in the registration form, too.

Step 3 - Once you have signed back in to your account:

  • Click the yellow Modify button which can be found a little below the middle of the page on the left.
  • Click Next at the bottom right of the page until you reach the Registration Items section of your account.
  • Choose which sessions you'd like to attend. 

Sign up here

The deadline for signing up is 17 April



2019 Post-Luncheon Workshops



19 May

20 May

21 May

22 May

The Biblical Canon

The Gospels You Do Not Know: Evaluating the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas

Dirk Jongkind

Open Art Studio





National Lunch Meetings

The Canon of the Old Testament: Evaluating the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Speaker to be announced

Roman Catholicism

Same Words, Different Meanings: How Roman Catholicism Understands the Christian Faith

Leonardo De Chirico

Forum Expo

A Moral Issue Only? Assessing Theologically the Sexual Abuses of the Catholic Church

Leonardo De Chirico

Seeking God

Voice Recognition:  How Can You Have the Assurance of Direction in Ministry?

Ann Blaser

The Longing for a Thirst for God

Ann Blaser

Presenting the Gospel

The Role of Art in the Church: Making the Gospel Palatable?

Delta David Gier

That the World Might Know: God's People Are the Greatest Apologetics

Bruce Little

Helping Others

Christians Who Make a Difference: Spiritual Growth and Caring for People in Poverty

Gareth Russell

Bridging the Gap: Helping Others Grow from Salvation to Maturity with God’s Word

Keith Sparzak

Understanding the Enlightenment

How "the Enlightenment" Was Invented

Daniel von Wachter

The Key Presupposition of the Enlightenment and Liberal Theology

Daniel von Wachter

Teamwork and Decision-Making

Teamwork: 10 Traits of Teams That Work

Katerina Blabolova

Finding the Will of God

Dave Patty

Understanding Young People

What Is Burning Them Out?: Perspectives on the Stressors of Our Youth

Emoke Tapolyai

The Teenage Brain: Understanding the Physiological and Emotional World of an Adolescent

Kristy Williams


Parenting Teenagers

Dave Patty

In Our Image: Human Dignity from Conception to Final Breath

Paul Coulter

Major Topics in Apologetics


In God's Name? Witch-Hunts, Crusades, and Inquisitions: A Church Historical Apologetic

Fabian Grassl

Maintaining Relationships


Acceptance in Marriage

Pablo Martinez

Practical Help for Leaders


How Do You Create an Event with Impact?

Evi Rodemann

Thinking like a Publisher: How to Get Your Book in Print

Pieter Kwant

Teaching the Christian Story

The Christian Story: Developing a Christian Worldview

Fred Beuttler

The 'Great Books' of the New Testament

Fred Beuttler

Healthy Leadership

The 80/20 Rule of Ministry

Larry Anderson

The Role of Hope in Leadership

Josef Pavlinak



2019 Afternoon Workshops



19 May

20 May

21 May

22 May

Sexuality and Apologetic Strategies

The Apologetic of Sex

Stefan Gustavsson

How to Develop a National Strategy for Apologetics

Stefan Gustavsson

Uncovering the LGBTQ Movement: A Practical Example

Per Ewert

Understanding and Evaluating Queer Theory

Dan Patterson

Survival and Suffering in Ministry

Surviving the Spiritual Battle of Ministry

Ed Doepel

Spiritual Warfare 101

Dave Patty

Learning Suffering

Philip Moore

4 Lessons I Have Learned to Endure Pain and Suffering

Jelena Sivulka

The Authority of the Scriptures

Moral Objections to the Old Testament

Peter J. Williams

How the Bible Came Together

Dirk Jongkind

Can We Trust the Gospels?

Peter J. Williams

Can We Know the Exact Words of Scripture?

Peter J. Williams 

Science and Academia

Christian Classics - Great Books for Knowing and Serving God

Daryl McCarthy

How to Think About Evidence for God

David Glass

How Developments in 20th Century Mathematics Show That Materialism is Wrong

Charles White

7 Arguments from Science for the Existence of God for Everybody to Understand

Alexander Fink and Peter Imming

Church Leadership and Renewal

Leading Strategically Within a Mainline Congregation

Jonathan Pryke

Cultivating the Soil for Church Renewal: Encouraging Healthy, Biblical Church Growth

Scott Poling

A Radical Church! Building Church Life on New Testament Principles

Mike Betts

How to Be the Church Today

Jim Turrent

Youth Ministry

10 Lessons in Student Evangelism from Across Europe

Michael Ots


Leading Life-Changing Small Groups for Teenagers and Young Adults

Denisa Harcarova

Confused, Alone, and Without Purpose: Can This Global Youth Culture Find Truth?

Luke Greenwood

Very Cool but Not Too Cool: What to Expect from a Youth Leader

Hans Kristian Skaar

Understanding Islam and the Multi-Cultural Church

The 10 Most Common Questions Posed by Muslims and How to Respond

Jay Smith

Exposing the 12 Most Common Erroneous Arguments That Muslims Make Against Christianity

Jay Smith

Islam's View of Jesus: More Than a Prophet?

Hatun Tash

Multi-Cultural Church Planting

Martin Robinson

Evangelical Theology


An Evangelical Assessment of Karl Barth

Michael Reeves

Is Penal Substitution a Late Theological Development? Counterexamples from the Church Fathers

Adam Szabados

The 4 Biggest Theological Mistakes That Evangelicals Are Making Today

Michael Reeves

Pastoral Care and Leadership

Soul Care of a Leader

Jelena Sivulka

The Socratic Shepherd

John Kirkpatrick

Finding Peace in the Grip of Stress

Emoke Tapolyai

We Minister in Our Weakness

Daryl McCarthy

Theology and Truth

Harari’s Fiction: Where Does the Israeli Historian’s Story Go Wrong?

Adam Szabados

Abram's Sojourn in Egypt: Why Does It Matter?

Speaker to be announced

When Leaders Should Not Be Nice

Dirk Jongkind

The Reformation's Impact on Eastern Europe

Driton Krasniqi

Being an Effective Leader

A Leader After God’s Own Heart: Leadership Lessons from the Life of David

Sarah Breuel

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

John Stevens

Pure Silver: Understanding the Power of the Tongue

Adrian Reynolds

Passing the Baton

Adrian Reynolds

Teaching the Bible

3 Keys to Preaching or Teaching the Bible with Maximum Impact

Peter Mead

How Do Bible Stories Change Us?

Peter Mead

5 Ways to Personally Enjoy the Bible More Than Ever

Peter Mead

How Do You Find Christ in the Scriptures?

Leif Nummela

Apologetics and Evangelism

How to Do Personal Evangelism and Personal Apologetics

Jeremy Marshall

Reaching Men

Stephen McQuoid

How to Communicate the Gospel in Our Post-Christian Context

John Stevens

5 Ways to Reach Out to the Millennial Generation

David Brown

Organisational Leadership

Harnessing Your Instincts for Wiser Quick Decisions

Bobb Biehl

Accomplishing What You Need to Do: Time Management

John Lenton

Creating a Strategic Plan

Bobb Biehl

Two-Day Sabbatical: How to Maximize Your Time Away

Bobb Biehl

Understanding and Engaging Culture

Echoes of the Bible: How Its Themes Pervade Today's Movies and TV

Tony Watkins

Identifying and Responding to Naturalism in Popular Culture: The Big Bang Theory as a Case Study

Margunn Serigstad Dahle

Mary Magdalene's Chequered History in Art and Cinema

Ann Brown

Less Selfish Selfies

Tim Basselin

Fundraising and Organisational Development

Fundraising Is a Team Sport: Building a Long-Lasting Fundraising Team

Mark and Joel Dillon

FOCL Talk* 1: How to Build Organisational Capacity

FOCL Talk* 2: Fundraising Made Easy

Jerry Twombly

*What is a FOCL Talk?

Raising Funds with Jesus: 8 Keys to Successful Fundraising for Your Ministry

Daryl McCarthy


Communicating Christianity in the Public Square

We Don't Impose, We Propose - How Christians Should Relate to the Culture

Peter Roskam

The Truth Will Set You Free: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion

Nola Leach

Is Talking About Jesus Hate Speech? Censorship and Freedom of Speech

Roxana Stanciu

Urban Exegesis: Exploring the Theology of a City

Todd Johnson

Discipleship and Marital Conflict

Can You Be a Christian Without Being a Disciple?

Greg Ogden

To Divorce or Not to Divorce?  Help Us Decide

Dan Zink

Jesus' 4 Stage Approach to Making Disciples

Greg Ogden

Helping Couples Grow Through Conflict

Dan Zink


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