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Detailed information about the 2021 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2020 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available in the 2021 Forum's Workshops. 

All European Leadership Forum participants have the opportunity to attend one or two workshops each day of the Forum. The first workshop track is conducted from 17:10-18:10 CEST. The second track is conducted from 18:50-19:50 CEST.

More information about signing up for the 2020 workshops will be available soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact us at


2020 Workshop Track #1

May 24-27 from 17.10 to 18.10 CEST

24 May

25 May

26 May

27 May

Can Miracles Exist: Responding to Naturalism’s Objections

Ralf Bergmann

Today’s Forgotten Majority within the Church: Singles

Kevin Conway

Dealing with Pain and Difficulty: Connecting Our Beliefs to Our Lives

Ann Blaser

The 80/20 Rule of Ministry

Larry Anderson

The Hidden Church Workforce: Women Teaching the Bible with Reverence and Skill

Ann Blaser

Different Gospels: Evangelicals and Roman Catholics

Leonardo De Chirico

How to Build Resilience

Jen Charteris

Is Christianity a Fairy Tale/Fake News?

Tomas Bokedal

Hope and Longings in TV Shows for Children

Anne Solfrid Brennhovd

Confused, Alone, and Without Purpose: Reaching Europe’s Youth with the Gospel

Luke Greenwood

Between Thomas and Thomism(s): Exploring the Significance of Thomas Aquinas for Evangelical Thought

Leonardo De Chirico

Secrets of Transformational Change Agents

Jim Golden

Handling Pressure Jesus’ Way

Jim Cecy


Understanding and Evaluating the Category of Spiritual Abuse

David Hilborn

Christianity and Science: Friends or Foes?

Stefan Gustavsson


Coaching and Youth: How to Interact, Connect, Lead, and Disciple Young People

Zala Cempre


FOCL Talk #1: Fundraising 101: Discovery, Acquisition, and Nurturing / FOCL Talk #2: Faith and Excellence

Rob Martin

How Do We Help Believers Grow? Developing Mentoring Relationships

Rick Hill

Replacing the Lies That Cripple Us: A Life Story

Jim Golden

How Can You Prosper Through Biblically Inspired Fundraising?

Stewart McCulloch

Dangerous Conversations: Navigating Political Correctness in the Public Arena

Teri McCarthy

FOCL Talk #1: Knowing Your Purpose / FOCL Talk #2: Accountability and Healthy Organizations

Rob Martin

How Can Your Church or Ministry Be Financially Healthier?

John Keskeys

Reaching Working Class Men

Stephen McQuoid

The Extraordinary Bombardier Beetle: Learning Design from the Created World

Andy McIntosh

The Gospel and the Rule of Law

David McIlroy

5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Marketing Communications Today

Keith Ogorek

The Second Gutenberg Effect: Impacting the World Through Story

Keith Ogorek

Getting a PhD Without Being Undone by It

Speaker to Be Announced

Glorious Transformation

Peter Mead

Top Questions to Ask Muslims

Hatun Tash

How Do You Create an Event with Impact?

Evi Rodemann

Understanding and Responding to Mormons

Phil Roberts

Ambassadors for Christ: Living and Speaking for Jesus in a Secular Work Environment

Phil Nussbaum

Responding to Same-Sex Marriage with Grace and Truth

Pasi Turunen

Agile Church? Survival Skills for Christian Organizations in the 21st Century

Bernd Winkelstraeter

The Art of Self-Management: How to Lead Yourself

Evi Rodemann

Bioethics and the Christian Mind

Peter Saunders

How ‘the Enlightenment’ Was Invented

Daniel von Wachter

Coping with Anxiety in a Dangerous World

Richard Winter

Communicating Biblical Truths to a Secular Culture Through the Media

Peter Saunders

Three Apologetic Questions That Every Christian Should Know How to Answer

Pasi Turunen


The Value of Negative Emotions

Eric Johnson

The Teenage Brain: Understanding the Physiological and Emotional World of an Adolescent

Kristy Williams

Exploring Shame and Guilt

Richard Winter



2020 Workshop Track #2

May 24-27 from 18.50 to 19.50 CEST

24 May

25 May

26 May

27 May

Leader Profile: Understanding Clearly

Bobb Biehl

A Duty of Care: The Christian Foundations of Environmental Concern

Andy Bannister

Jesus and the Failures of the Church: Responding to the Church’s Historical Legacy

Andy Bannister

Book Evangelism

Bobb Biehl

The Pain of Others, and Your Own: Facing Trauma in Ministry

Michael Longinow

FOCL Talk #1: Balance / FOCL Talk #2: Analyzing Any Situation

Bobb Biehl


Euthanasia: Making the Case for Caring, Not Killing

Chris Buttenshaw

Everyone Loves Music: Using Music as a Bridge to a Non-Believing World

Angela MacKenzie

Leadership and Anointing

Sarah Breuel


How to Lead Partnerships

Jen Charteris


Are We Just Naked Apes? Apologetic Arguments from the Uniqueness of Homo Sapiens

Paul Coulter

God Cares About Details and Numbers: Leadership Lessons from the Bible

Daryl McCarthy

Biblical Worship: The Multi-Faceted Diamond of Spirit and Truth

Bill Drake

Leading for the Long Haul: Caring for Your (Weary) Soul

Jay Mosser

The Art of Answering Questions

Stefan Gustavsson

Four Environmental Conditions for Transformation into Christlikeness

Greg Ogden

Recovering Hope in Every Season of Life

John Kirkpatrick

Can You Be a Christian Without Being a Disciple?

Greg Ogden

Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers

Dan Hames

Understanding the Roots of Theological Liberalism: Friedrich Schleiermacher

Michael Reeves

Four Temptations I’m Still Fighting Against After Forty Years as a Christian Leader

Jay Mosser

Leading Change

Dave Patty

Why Suffering is Necessary

Philip Moore

Soul Care of a Leader

Jelena Sivulka

No Other Gods: How to Recognize and Remove Idolatry in Your Life

Dave Patty

The 4 Biggest Theological Mistakes That Evangelicals Are Making Today

Michael Reeves

Finding the Will of God

Dave Patty

Law or Love: Everyday Questions in Raising Kids God’s Way

Emoke Tapolyai


Understanding and Avoiding Apostasy

John Stevens

How to Be a Gospel Coach

Adrian Reynolds

Honest Evangelism

Rico Tice

Fighting Sin and Temptation

John Stevens

The Power of Vision: Planning, Communicating, and Generating Momentum Through Vision

Derek Webster

What Is Burning Them Out? Perspectives on the Stressors of Our Youth

Emoke Tapoylai

Why Strategic Plans Fail

Jerry Twombly

How to Do Apologetics Jovially and Subversively: G.K. Chesterton’s Model for Today’s Evangelicals

Adam Szabados

How to Persuade Your Friends About Christianity Using Science, History, and Philosophy

Charles White

Echoes of the Bible: How Its Themes Pervade Today’s Movies and TV

Tony Watkins

Archaeological Evidence and Jesus

Peter S. Williams

Moral Objections to the Old Testament

Peter J. Williams

Can We Trust the Gospels?

Peter J. Williams

Can We Know the Exact Words of Scripture?

Peter J. Williams

What If the Quality of Your Church Could Be Measured?

Bernd Winkelstraeter

Learning About Jesus with the New Atheists

Peter S. Williams


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