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Detailed information about the 2022 Forum is not yet available but will be posted in the future. Please review the information from the 2021 Forum for a look at the quality of instructors, teaching, and content that will be available at the 2022 Forum. 


All European Leadership Forum participants have the opportunity to attend one or two workshops each day of the Forum. The first workshop track is conducted from 18:00-19:00 CEST. The second track is conducted from 19:15-20:15 CEST.

How to Sign Up:

Step 1 – Review the Track 1 and Track 2 of the workshops below. Click the title of a Workshop to view the session description and the speaker’s bio.

Step 2 – Once you have decided which Workshops you would like to attend, log back into your registration account and click OK. You will need the confirmation number you received when you originally registered for the Forum. Note that summaries can also be found in the registration form, too.

Step 3 – Once you have signed back in to your account:

  • On the registration confirmation page, click the green Modify button that can be found in the middle of the page on the left.
  • Click Next at the bottom right of the page until you reach the Item Selection section of your account. The next page will allow you to sign up for Workshops and Pre/Post-Forum sessions.
  • Choose which sessions you'd like to attend. 

The deadline for signing up is 7 May. If you have any questions, please contact us at


2021 Workshop Track #1

16-19 May from 18.00 to 19.00 CEST

16 May

17 May

18 May

19 May

Theology/Arts Roundtable Discussion

Crystal Downing, Andrew Fellows, Delta David Gier, Beat Rink, Dianne Collard, Charles Kelley

Human Trafficking: The Sexy Cause and Why the Church Is Not Called to Rescue

Ioana Bauer

Relational Wisdom: Getting Upstream of Conflict

Ken Sande

Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church

Diane Langberg

The Free Society: Its Enemies and Friends

Ralf Bergmann

Influence Through Writing

Peter Saunders

Leadership and Anointing

Sarah Breuel

No Other Gods: How to Recognize and Remove Idolatry in Your Life

Dave Patty

Developing a Financial Discipleship Ministry in a Local Church

Bert den Hertog

Biblical Worship: The Multi-Faceted Diamond of Spirit and Truth

Bill Drake

Boundaries: Maintaining Clear Doctrinal and Moral Boundaries to Protect Christian Organisations

Wayne Grudem

Growing in Leadership by Healing the Past

Rene Breuel

Apologetics and the Covid Pandemic

William Edgar

Five Principles for Interpreting the Church Fathers

Leonardo De Chirico

Apologetics and the Hiddenness of God

Douglas Groothuis

Why Read Jonathan Edwards and What He Has to Say About Secularisation

Josh Moody

Dealing With Opposition

Ann Blaser

Proclaiming Our Never-Changing Gospel in an Ever-Changing World

Randy Newman

Developing Volunteer Leaders: Lessons Along the Way

John Greenall

How to Deal With New and Difficult Topics: Grace and Wisdom for Today’s Controversial Issues

Stefan Gustavsson

The Problem of Suffering: Lessons from the Book of Job

Stefan Gustavsson

Queer Theology in Evangelical Perspective

David Hilborn

Ten Thoughts for a Caregiver

Diane Langberg

Crisis and Opportunities in Singleness

Pablo Martinez

Is Jordan Peterson a Friend or a Foe to the Cause of the Gospel?

Adam Szabados

How Do We Help Believers Grow? Developing Mentoring Relationships

Rick Hill

How 'the Enlightenment' Was Invented

Daniel von Wachter

Ransom, Redemption, and Forgiveness: What's Money Got to Do With the Atonement?

David McIlroy

Coaching and Youth: How to Connect, Lead, and Disciple Young People

Zala Cempre

Key Elements in Communicating the Gospel

Jeremy Marshall

Finding the Will of God

Dave Patty

Renewed Life and Vibrancy for Your Local Church

Scott Poling

Defending the Atonement of Christ

Douglas Groothuis

Leading Change

Dave Patty


Understanding and Evangelising Jehovah's Witnesses

Phil Roberts

Islam Is Not Abrahamic

Beth Peltola

Why Kids Walk Away and What to Do About It

Jeff Myers

The Art of Self-Management: How to Lead Yourself

Evi Rodemann

The Academic Life of a Christian

James Tour

Getting a PhD Without Being Undone by It

Speaker to Be Announced

Building Relationships with the Negotiation Skills of Daniel

Chip Zimmer

New Directions in the Ecumenical Movement: Critically Evaluating Challenges for Christian Unity

Leonardo De Chirico

Joined-Up Evangelism: Helping People Connect Their Deepest Longings to the Gospel

Andy Bannister

How to Lead Partnerships

Jen Charteris

The Flourish Mandate: How Leaders Can Help People Reach Their Full Potential

Keith Ogorek

How to Reach Millenials and Gen Z with Biblical Truths

Jeff Myers

The Teenage Brain

Kristy Williams



2021 Workshop Track #2

16-19 May from 19.15 to 20.15 CEST

16 May

17 May

18 May

19 May

First Things First: How to Make Your Priorities Happen Daily

Andrea Aresca

We Can't Compete! Curing Competitiveness in Mission, Church, and Ministry

Paul Coulter


Greet the Day With Praise

Jim Cecy

6 Key Texts on Cultural Engagement

Darrell Bock

How Does Satan Trip Us Up? Understanding Temptation

John Stevens

Harmless Sins: Little Leopards Become Big Leopards

Ann Blaser

Cultural Apologetics for Pastors and Parents: Engaging Values and Worldviews in Popular Culture

Anne Solfrid Brennhovd

How Our Desires Point to God: C.S. Lewis's Theistic Argument

Peter S. Williams

How to Communicate the Gospel to Catholics

Will Graham

Analysing the LGBTQ Movement: A Practical Example

Per Ewert

How Do Fresh Moves of God Start?

Mike Betts

5 Steps to Practical Spiritual Growth

Peter Mead

Caring for the Most Vulnerable: The Unborn Babies and Their Mothers

Roxana Stanciu


The Canon of the Old Testament: Evaluating the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

Speaker to Be Announced

How to Think Biblically About Computer Science - and Every Other Academic Discipline as Well

Dirk Jongkind

The Importance of a Strong Relationship With Christ When We Do Theology

Wayne Grudem

Teaching and Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

Andy Hamilton

Why and How to Share Christ Online

Jakub Vejmelka

The Value of Negative Emotions and How to Express Them

Eric Johnson

Preparing the Local Church for Growth Through Evangelism

Stephen McQuoid

What Kills Leaders

Marcus Honeysett

Effective Contemporary Communication

Peter Mead

The 80/20 Rule of Ministry

Larry Anderson

Cultivating Unity in Divisive Times

Jay Mosser

Questioning the Bible: An Anatomy of Scepticism

Dirk Jongkind

Here I Stand! The Protest That Saved the Church and Changed Your World

Daryl McCarthy

Design and Irreducible Complexity

Andy McIntosh

Confused, Alone, and Without Purpose: Can This Global Youth Culture Find Truth?

Luke Greenwood

The Five Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make

Nola Leach

Empowering God's People for Ministry

Greg Ogden

How to Multiply Local Church Leaders Across the Nations

Maurice Nightingale

Mapping the Religious Landscape of Europe

Andrew Fellows

Making Disciples Through a Program vs. a Relational Approach

Greg Ogden

We Jews and Our Jesus

Avi Snyder

Understanding the Roots of Theological Liberalism: Friedrich Schleiermacher

Michael Reeves

Soul Care of a Leader

Jelena Sivulka

How to Persuade Your Friends About Christianity Using Science, History, and Philosophy

Charles White

Understanding the COVID Pandemic

Peter Saunders

Robinson Crusoe and Those Who Have Never Heard of Christ

Pasi Turunen

Developing the Empathy of Christ

Ken Sande

Why Do Christians Turn Away from the Truth?

John Stevens

A Christian Understanding of Sex and Gender

Eric Johnson

Recovering Hope in Every Season of Life

John Kirkpatrick

Why Is the Trinity Important?

Pasi Turunen

How to Build Resilience

Jen Charteris

Evangelising the New Atheists with the Old Testament: Preaching the Canaanite 'Genocide'

Steffen Jenkins

How Should Christians Interact With Culture? H. Richard Niebuhr's "Christ and Culture"

Tony Watkins

Archaeological Evidence & Jesus

Peter S. Williams

Entertainment Media and the Good Life: An Analysis and a Christian Response

Margunn Dahle

Why 90% of All Strategic Plans Fail—And What You Can Do To Assure Planning Success

Jerry Twombly


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