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Rolandas Greiciunas

Rolandas Greciunas
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  • Lithuania
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  • 2022 Apologetics (Foundational) Network

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  • Children and/or Youth


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  • ELF Funded
Participants Answers
What is your ministry?

I am one of my church's youth leaders, and I used to work with young people and teenagers in the past.

When did you trust Christ?

I firmly decided to follow Jesus at 17 during a summer conference in Vilnius in 1994. I listened to the preacher's message about the second coming of the Lord, and after three years of doubts and my mother's prayers, I finally surrendered to the Lord.

What have been the defining moments of your Christian walk?

After my conversion, I was baptized in water. The second defining moment of my walk with the Lord was when I studied at Bible school. Learning to teach the Bible deepened my faith and helped me understand how to walk with God. I also learned a lot after the births of my two kids. I think this is one of the greatest lessons - you can serve God by serving your children and taking care of them.

What do you hope to gain from participating?

I believe I will be equipped with how to reach young people in practical ways. Hopefully, I will meet people who will share their own experiences and inspire me. I will also learn many things, and my theological background will be strengthened.

What is your leadership role or what were your past leadership roles?

I worked as a volunteer in my church by taking care of youth ministry in the past. My wife and I were youth leaders and a few other brothers and sisters in faith. I also was involved in ministry to the teenagers. These two ministries are separate in our church, and I was involved in both of them. I also took part in organizing summer youth camps. I was also hired as assistant director of a counseling department and worked there during the Hope Festival in Lithuania. I was responsible for preparing counselors and did all the work in my department (preparation of counseling and teaching materials, editing books and leaflets, and administration work with volunteers). I was also the leader of a youth cell group for four years.

Why should someone invest in your ministry?

I firmly believe that God will use me through youth ministry, and the lives of young people will be changed. I think I have a gift from God to speak to and encourage youth to follow Christ.