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Vlada Stojanovic

Vlada S
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  • Serbia
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Good News Church

Vlada Stojanovic was born and raised in Nis, Serbia, where he graduated in mechanical engineering. He spent 4 years in the UK training in missions and receiving his education in theology and leadership, at the same time working in local churches. Currently, he is finishing his master’s degree in contextual theology. He is married to Sonja, and they have two children. For the last 20 years, Vlada has been serving Good News Church in Southern Serbia, one of the least evangelised countries in Eastern Europe. Whilst many know the name of Jesus, they have been caught up in the religion of the Orthodox church rather than a personal walk with God. Vlada and Sonja ‘love fighting for every single soul'.  Vlada works with local churches to strengthen them and foster unity between them, which overflows into shared church-planting missions. He enjoys preaching and speaking at training events and missions, as well as developing, supporting and encouraging leaders and mission workers. He has a great passion for contextualisation and cross-cultural mission, helping the West and the ‘rest’ to understand each other and partner more closely together.