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Ruth Davis

Ruth Davis
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  • Wales

Ruth Davis has over 20 years experience of working in University settings, culminating in eight years managing a large academic department of Care Sciences at the University of South Wales. Her professional background is in nursing with a specialist interest in diabetes. Her clinical and research experience is in patient education and service/role development. In 2014 she left that role, though she remains a Visiting Fellow with the University and now works as Academic Director for an online education company, overseeing the quality of around 20 post-graduate Diploma/Master's courses for healthcare professionals. Along with her husband, they are trustees of Heb Ffin, a local charity (not-for-profit non-governmental organisation) supporting God’s work in Wales (UK) and Africa. Over the last year, they have spent several months in Uganda working on various diverse projects from nurse leadership to coffee growing. At home, Ruth is a wife, mother and grandmother; familiar with the struggles of juggling home, work and church life. In the local church, she has been involved in small group ministries and practical demonstrations of God’s love to people in the church and those outside, such as helping to run a luncheon club for older people.