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Peter Borger

Peter Borger
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  • Germany
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Wort and Wissen

Peter Borger (MSc, PhD) studied biology, specializing in biochemistry, molecular genetics and genome biology. He has taught and conducted research at the Universities of Groningen (Netherlands), Sydney (Australia), Basel (Switzerland) and Zurich (Switzerland). An expert in the molecular biology of gene expression and signal transduction, he has published over 70 articles in leading international science journals. He is currently exploring the non-protein coding part of the genome with a focus on transposable and transposed elements and their involvement in the generation of variation, adaptation and speciation. Peter is the author of several books, including Darwin Revisited (2009), in which he shows the shortcomings of the Darwinian mode of evolution and proposes an alternative theory of variation, adaptation and speciation. It is his conviction that it is the responsibility of scientists to educate the public in an objective manner so people can make their own informed decisions about their worldview. Since 2019, Peter has worked for the German association Wort und Wissen, which is dedicated to science and Bible apologetics.


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