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Jim Crooks

Jim Crooks
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  • Scotland
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Tayside Christian Fellowship

Jim Crooks is a pastor of an independent church in Perth, Scotland. After graduating in business studies in 1981, Jim went on to work in financial and administrative roles before entering further and higher education as an Assistant Principal. He became Principal of a college in Northern Ireland in 2004 and successfully led three colleges to a merger in 2007. He became Principal of a similar college in Scotland and led four colleges to merge in 2012. For three years after his retirement from secular employment in 2012, Jim was a lecturer and coordinator of part-time provision at Tilsley College, a small theological college in Scotland. In addition to his pastoral ministry, Jim also teaches and preaches in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe. He works with the Church Strengthening Initiative, supporting churches and their leadership teams to make change, and is a trustee for Echoes International, a mission support agency supporting mission workers across the globe. Jim has published his book on harnessing the power of learning to effect personal change. An exploration of Ephesians 4:22-24, the book 'I've changed my mind' is an in-depth look at spiritual transformation. Jim was widowed in 2012 but has married Laura in December 2017. He is a father of one grown son and a grandfather of two boys.