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Dave Benson

Dave Benson
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  • England
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Director of Culture and Discipleship
The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Dave Benson is a leading thinker and researcher on the role of faith in 21st-Century western culture. Formerly a high school teacher, then lecturer at Malyon Theological College in Brisbane, Australia, he now heads up the LICC’s work for Culture & Discipleship. In part, this role includes consultation with theological education institutions toward forming whole-life disciplemakers ( His mission is to cultivate disciples with wisdom for the way of Christ in a post-Christendom culture. His 2016 Ph.D project entitled ‘Schools, Scripture and Secularisation’ considers the telos of competing curricular visions and the place of sacred texts in secular education. Dave is the lead editor of Transforming Vocation: Connecting Theology, Church, and the Workplace for a Flourishing World (Wipf & Stock 2021).


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Wise Peacemakers: Public Theology on the Road to Emmaus - 2024 Politics and Society Network