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Zala Cempre

Zala Cempre was born and raised in Slovenia. Currently, she serves as a high school leader in the local church in Ljubljana. There, she disciples girls and leads and trains a group of volunteers. On a national level, she leads a 2-year discipleship program for college students and serves as a director of evangelical camps. She loves to take students on short-term mission trips to former Yugoslavian countries where they serve the needs of the local churches. Zala holds a Bachelor degree in Management and Master’s in international business. She is currently working on a Leadership Coaching certificate. 



Coaching and Youth: How to Interact, Connect, Lead and Disciple Young People

Have you ever talked to a young person and tried to figure out how to answer their questions -- What is my purpose?  Which school should I attend? I know I should read the Bible, but I don’t want to, what should I do? When confronted with questions like these, leaders often go into a “mentor mode” and give young people suggestions on what they “should” do. But, this doesn’t often bear much fruit. When examining how Jesus interacted with people, sometimes he answered their questions with a question. This workshop will look at Jesus’ interactions, develop coaching principles, and discuss how to interact, lead, disciple and connect with young people.



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