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Tomas Bokedal

Tomas Bokedal (ThD, Lund University, Sweden) is Associate Professor in New Testament at NLA University College, Bergen, Norway, and Lecturer in New Testament at King’s College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland; he is also a counselling practitioner at Haraldsplass Diakonale Sykehus, Bergen. Previously Bokedal taught theology at the Lutheran School of Theology in Gothenburg, Sweden. His primary fields of research concern Christian origins and the relation of ‘Scripture and Theology’. Author of The Formation and Significance of the Christian Biblical Canon (T&T Clark 2014), he is currently working academically on the relationship between scriptural canonicity and the emergence of early Trinitarian theology. Among his other projects are a study on the Rule of Faith in biblical interpretation and a monograph on the concepts of freedom and despair in Kierkegaard.



Is Christianity a Fairy Tale/Fake News?

Although some claim that Christianity is a fairy tale, or simply ‘fake news,’ this workshop argues that there is substantial evidence supporting early Christian accounts, and that the gospel on which Christianity is based continues to be the trustworthy good news it was from the very beginning. This means that dominating critical voices from the sciences, or naturalistic scientism, do not get the final word; there is still room for religion, the divine and the miraculous. This talk will outline the continuity between the pre-Easter Jesus of Nazareth and post-Easter faith in Christ and show the credibility of apostolic New Testament accounts. In addition, it will briefly discuss the subjective side of the Christian faith, with particular emphasis laid on the Danish Christian thinker Søren Kierkegaard’s analysis of the necessity of divine revelation and faith. Faith in Christ’s resurrection was an integrated central feature of the Christian movement from the beginning, and as Paul shows, it must be at the heart of true Christian faith and practice.


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