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Tim Basselin

Tim Basselin is Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Worship at one of the largest seminaries in the world: Dallas Theological Seminary. He teaches classes on the intersection of theology and culture, including classes on film, art, literature, and disability. He is also the director of the Media Arts apprenticeship program at DTS and enjoys collaborating with his students. He serves on the editorial board for Christian Scholar’s Review. He and his wife, Robin, have four children and enjoy travelling and camping.




Less Selfish Selfies

Social media is built to put the self on display. Whether it’s a pic of a nice dinner with friends or a church outreach, our social media posts exclaim “Look at me! I’m in this ideal place doing this ideal thing!” Because of this, our forms of representing ourselves (even in the church) are often at odds with Christ’s call to die to ourselves and to put others before ourselves. This talk will explore some of the dangers of a selfie culture and some of the possibilities for using social media in more selfless ways.


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