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Roxana Stanciu

Roxana Stanciu is the chief operating officer of CARE, a Christian organisation that works on issues in relation to human dignity, family life, citizenship, and bioethics within the UK. She joined the organisation in October 2018. Previously, she was the executive director of European Dignity Watch, a Brussels-based organisation focused on informing and educating stakeholders in Europe to make a difference in the public square. Roxana is originally from Romania and is very passionate about encouraging and equipping Christians to promote their values and be agents for social justice.




Is Talking About Jesus Hate Speech? Censorship and Freedom of Speech

What if your opinions on marriage, family, and human dignity are based on the Bible but are considered ‘offensive’ to unbelievers? Are you still allowed to express them in public and private settings? It is a prerogative of healthy democratic societies that speech will not be banned, even if and when someone profoundly disagrees with its content or finds it ‘offensive’ or ‘disturbing’. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees freedom of expression as a fundamental freedom. Despite all of this, freedom of expression is increasingly restricted in Europe, especially through the so-called ‘hate speech’ legislation. Is talking about Jesus’ teaching hate speech? Are we witnessing a new form of censorship? Is one of our most fundamental freedoms at threat in Europe? How should we respond?



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