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Ralf Bergmann

Ralf Bergmann, born 1962, is married and has three adult children. He received his degree in physics and a doctorate from German universities. He is or has been mainly involved in solid-state physics, semiconductors, photovoltaics and optical technologies at several research institutions in Germany and Australia and has also worked in industrial research. Since 2008 he has been a professor at a German university and head of a research institute working on optical technologies and optoelectronics. Beyond his research, he is interested in defending the reasonability of Christian faith, especially all around the border triangle of physics, philosophy, and theology as well as the relevance of Christian faith for modern western society. In 2019, he authored the book Gott und die Erklärung der Welt – Christlicher Glaube oder atheistische Weltanschauung: Was ist vernünftiger? (God and the explanation of the world – Christian faith or atheistic world view: What is more reasonable?). See also:



Can Miracles Exist? Responding to Naturalism's Objections

There is a long naturalistic tradition for the claim that if God or other transcendent entities exist, they would not be able to intervene in the physical world. This thinking has also significantly influenced Christian theology. However, do laws of nature make divine intervention impossible? This session will argue that the claim that divine intervention is not possible does not follow from physics, but rather is a metaphysical principle. This workshop will summarize how divine intervention can be understood in relation to natural science and that the hope of naturalism to reduce all aspects of life to laws of nature is ill-founded.




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