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Pieter Kwant

Pieter Kwant is the director of Langham Literature and a literary agent, The Piquant Agency. He has over 40 years’ experience in the Christian book trade covering distribution, international sales and publishing. Since 2000 he has worked with Langham Partnership as their Literature Programme Director. As he met with Majority World scholars and pastors he was challenged by the failures of the ‘from the west to the rest’ model of book origination and distribution. Since then he has overseen and managed six major regional one-volume Bible commentaries written by theologians from each region in the world. He started imprints including HippoBooks (Africa), the Langham Global Library, Langham Preaching Resources and Langham Monographs to give voice to writers from the Majority World.



Thinking Like a Publisher: How to Get Your Book in Print

There is no point in writing a book that no one reads. That is why you as an author need to learn to think like a publisher, whose whole career is built around getting people to buy and read the books they publish. This session will talk about the changing face of publishing, both academic and general, self-publishing and traditional publishing, in both Western and Majority World contexts, how to approach the ‘right' publisher with a book proposal, what to watch out for in a publishing contract, the benefits of editing and peer review, and the importance of marketing both yourself and your manuscript to the intended readers.



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