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Per Ewert

Per Ewert is the director of The Clapham Institute, Sweden’s leading Christian think tank and research institute. He is working on a PhD thesis about the historical driving forces behind Sweden’s position as arguably the most secular and individualistic nation in the world. Per is the author of several books on apologetics, relations, and the role of faith in society. He also writes weekly editorials in one of Sweden's Christian dailies. He lives with wife and four children in southern Sweden.




Uncovering the LGBTQ Movement: A Practical Example

How do we successfully address the LGBTQ/Pride movement in the public arena without being rejected as homophobic or facing similar accusations? Based on the example from The Clapham Institute’s report “The Colourful Darkness”, Per Ewert gives practical examples on how to uncover the deeply troubling content and agenda of the Pride movement. This workshop gives advice on which attitudes and way of reasoning work well and what ought to be avoided. Properly handled, opinion-making about this issue can reveal much-needed information and can impact a nation.


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