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Paul Coulter

Paul Coulter is a native of Lisburn, Northern Ireland, where he lives with his wife, Gar-Ling, and their two children.  He has just taken up position as Head of Ministry Operations with Living Leadership, whose aim is to grow leaders who are captivated by the gospel of God's grace.  Previously he has worked as a medical doctor, a cross-cultural pastor with Chinese Christians in Belfast, a youth worker and director of equipping in a large suburban church, and a lecturer in practical theology in Belfast Bible College, where he taught a range of subjects including discipleship, leadership, pastoral care, evangelism and apologetics.  His academic studies have focused on multiculturalism and the Church and church planting in post-Christian Northern Ireland.  He has written several articles for and speaks and writes regularly on the Christian mind and contemporary culture, especially relating to ethical issues.  He is a Council member for Evangelical Alliance UK and an associate of the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission.



Are We Just Naked Apes? Apologetic Arguments from the Uniqueness of Homo Sapiens

Human beings have placed ourselves alongside chimps as just one of the many animal species on this planet.  This workshop will consider the unique features of our species and suggest lines of apologetic argument for the truth of the gospel from human nature and experience.


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