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Pasi Turunen

Pasi Turunen, theologian (M.Th), author, and apologist, has been working as a Christian radio broadcaster for 25 years. He studied theology at Helsinki University. Turunen is a well-known Bible teacher and is often invited to speak to various apologetic seminars in Finland. He has written four books dealing with cult evangelism, same-sex marriage, inerrancy of the Bible, and apologetics. Currently he hosts a weekly radio program that analyzes current events and changing culture in light of the Christian worldview and the Scriptures. Turunen has also appeared on secular national television and radio programs in Finland defending Christian faith and views on contemporary issues. Turunen works for the Patmos Foundation for World Missions, which is an evangelical missions and relief organization bringing humanitarian aid and the Gospel of Christ to over 20 nations in the world. Patmos Foundation has an extensive media ministry in Finland and was the first Christian organization in Finland to start broadcasting Christian programs on commercial radio stations in 1985.




Three Apologetic Questions That Every Christian Should Know How to Answer

Apologetics is a tool for evangelism. Its great potential lies in removing intellectual, historical, ethical, and emotional objections your non-Christian friend may have so that you can keep focus on Jesus and His saving message in the Gospels. For your non-Christian challenger, whose attention span often is only 140 characters long, you need answers that are brief, simple, and understandable, yet not simplistic. These answers need to be well informed and therefore credible. You will leave this workshop equipped with practical know-how and useful background knowledge to tackle three important topics.


Responding to Same-Sex Marriage with Grace and Truth

Pasi Turunen has written a book on same-sex marriage and debated the issue defending traditional man-woman marriage nationwide in secular TV and radio. He knows from experience that good arguments are important, but arguments alone are not enough. In addition to good preparation, you need to know how to present your case in a winsome manner and know how TV and radio differ as media platforms. You also need to know how to maneuver through the minefield of red herrings, mischaracterization, and personal attacks. How can you as a Christian make a case for traditional marriage in a cultural context that could not care less about what Christianity says about marriage?  How would you respond with grace and truth to a personal challenge that asks: “What would you say if your own child came to you and said he/she is gay and wants to marry?” Pasi was one of the leading figures in Finland to spearhead the national campaign that collected almost 107,000 signatures in six months for an initiative that aims to repeal the same-sex marriage bill in the Finnish parliament.


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