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Mike Betts

Mike Betts leads Relational Mission, a network of churches which is part of the global Newfrontiers family. He is the author of From the Inside Out, Relational Mission: A Way of Life, and a soon to be published book on corporate prayer. Mike is passionate about the church enjoying her inheritance in Christ, involving church planting, gospel expansion, corporate prayer, and seeing the next generation grow into all that God has for them. Mike is married to Sue, and they live in Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK. He is part of the eldership team at Lowestoft Community Church, which he, Sue, and a number of others planted over 30 years ago. At that time Mike and Sue sought help and advice from Terry Virgo, who had begun to serve emerging churches. Terry’s work and relationships with churches became the start of Newfrontiers. In 2011, Terry handed over responsibility for Newfrontiers to a number of his spiritual sons, and Mike began to lead the network that is now Relational Mission. Relational Mission works predominantly in the UK and mainland Europe but with growing connections across the world. Its network includes some 70 churches of which 30 are church plant and pioneering situations.




A Radical Church! Building Church Life on New Testament Principles​

There is no perfectly mature church or perfectly perfect leaders this side of heaven. However this is not an excuse to build local church life lightly or loosely. The New Testament reveals principles and patterns of church life that we can follow. Over the past 30 plus years as a family of churches in New Frontiers we have made a diligent attempt to build according to these principles. This workshop explores what we have found some of the key values and principles of healthy local church life to be.



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