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Michael Ots

Michael Ots is an evangelist and apologist based in Bournemouth, England. He speaks at University mission weeks across Europe as well as training students in evangelism. He is the author of two books, the first of which, What kind of God?, has been translated into Romanian, Korean, Serbian, Spanish, and Russian. He is also actively involved in the evangelistic ministry of his local church. 




10 Lessons in Student Evangelism from Across Europe

Michael Ots has 15 years of experience of helping university students across Europe engage in effective evangelism. We'll learn from a wealth of different contexts - from the UK to the Ukraine, from Belgium to Belarus and beyond - to see how we can best reach university students with the gospel. Whether you are in full-time student ministry or just  serving in a church located in a university city, there will be ideas and resources for you to take away.


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