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Margunn Serigstad Dahle

Margunn Serigstad Dahle is the co-leader of the European Media Communicators Network, is Associate Professor at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, NLA University College, Norway, where she has taught in the fields of communication, media and worldviews since 1991. She was for many years Programme Director for the Communication and Worldviews Bachelor Program, which is designed to equip evangelical communicators and apologists in various fields for the contemporary Western cultural context. Especially connected to her Damaris involvement, she is a regular lecturer, speaker and writer in various contexts in Norway and beyond. She was a co-editor of The Lausanne Movement: A Range of Perspectives (Oxford: Regnum, 2014). Margunn formerly served as Chairman of Lunde Publishing House.



Cultural Discernment in Digital Babylon

What does it look like to be a follower of Jesus in a post-Christian environment? In a recent study from The Barna Group called Faith for Exiles, David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock outline ‘Five Ways for a New Generation to follow Jesus in Digital Babylon’. Cultural discernment is one of these five defining features identified among committed young Christians. The term relates primarily to the life of the mind—how we think about and perceive our role as Christians today. Many of the challenges are brought to us via the stories in popular media as well as in curricula in schools and in academic textbooks. This workshop focusses on the practice of cultural discernment, using the concept of worldview as a helpful tool for cultural analysis and engagement. Thus, the following questions are central to our approach: How can we identify and respond to the underlying messages in films and TV shows? How can we unmask the myth of neutrality in textbooks?


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