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Leif Nummela

Leif Nummela works as Bible teacher and theologian for the Finnish Lutheran Mission and is Editor-in-Chief for the Finnish Christian magazine Uusi Tie, a weekly periodical with 10,000 subscribers. He was educated as a Candidate of Missiology at the Institute of Missiology and Theology in Ryttylä, Finland; then took a Master of Theology from the University of Helsinki; and finally took a Special Degree in Leadership Training at the University of Applied Sciences in Hämeenlinna, Finland. He is an ordained pastor in the Ingrian Lutheran Church and has previously worked as both a missionary to Italy, and a leader of the Theological Institute in Finland. He has been a member of several mission and evangelism councils, as well as on the the Synod of the Finnish Lutheran Church. Leif is the author of 7 books, which have altogether sold over 40,000 copies, and has written and published over 1,000 articles in popular-level Christian magazines. Leif has been married to Irene for 32 years and they have three children and five grandchildren.



How Do You Find Christ in the Scriptures?

Jesus himself said that the whole Old Testament speaks about Him. This was also the teaching of the New Testament apostles. Still, many Christians today find it hard to figure out how you go about finding Christ in the Old Testament, without turning to fancy interpretations that will not convince any thinking person. In this workshop we will explore ways to read and interpret the Old Testament in ways that are hermeneutically responsible and that will help us find Christ where He is to be seen.


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