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Katerina Blabolova

Katerina Blabolova serves as a Regional Director of Integrity Life ministry in Prague. She studied fine art and English language and literature in Brno, Czech Republic. Her ministry and passion is to build young people in their walk with God and to train them to serve others in the same way. She believes that God can use anyone who is willing to give his or her life fully to Him to change the world we live in. That is why she likes to spend her time on university campuses and in student cafes sharing the gospel one-on-one with non-Christian students and discipling those who decide to follow Jesus.




Teamwork: 10 Traits of Teams That Work

Each of us is a member of a team, either in a family, at work, or in ministry. Sometimes we rejoice over our teams, and sometimes we struggle. What makes us good team players? And what makes our teams good teams? We will talk about 10 teamwork characteristics that help us see where our team is strong and where we need improvement. There will be time for participants to share their own experiences and wisdom on teamwork and time for personal reflection and application as well.



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