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Josef Pavlinak

Josef Pavliňák has been serving university students in the highly atheistic country of the Czech Republic for over 30 years with a ministry called Integrity Life, and he serves there as the director. His heart is to reach out to the students in Central Europe with the gospel, disciple those who become Christians, and develop leadership potential in those who are called to become leaders. Josef has a degree in civil engineering from Brno Technical University. He has lived in the Czech Republic all of his life and is married to his best friend and ministry partner Danka, and they have two adult children, Dominika and Daniel.




The Role of Hope in Leadership

Christians are the people of hope. Our message, the gospel, is the message of hope. The first Christian leaders (Peter, Paul, other apostles) had spread this message throughout their world and we, European Christian leaders in the 21st century, are responsible for getting it to our nations. We all desperately need hope, future hope that makes a huge practical difference in the quality of the life we live today. But what if our own hopes, dreams, and plans get shattered? What if our visions fail to become reality and/or personal tragedy creeps in uninvited? Let us learn together from the apostle Peter and others about “living hope” we share together with them. What is it? What is the basis of it? How does it function, and how do we gain it and keep it active as we serve Christ by leading others?


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